#1 – I am neurotic about being punctual. I am always 10 minutes early.

#2 – I am the only woman in the house.


I will get ready early because I want to be 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. My boy is supposed to reach church at 5.30 pm but…..

a) Hubby is napping
b) The boy who is going for his confirmation is sleeping
c) The boy who had his confirmation two years ago has gone out and will be back JIT to go to church with us.
d) The other two boys refused to wear their clothes yet. (and most likely, at the last minute they cannot find their socks, as usual)

But I am all ready with my clothes and make-up, with nothing to do but to whine on my blog.

The confirmation boy is supposed to wear a long sleeve white shirt, slacks and a tie. And he hasn’t wake up to choose which tie he wants. Plus he has no pants that look remotely like a slack ‘cos he said “Slacks are for nerds lah, woi”.

Sigh…I bet all the mothers of the girls who are having their confirmation will be dollying up with their daughters because the girls will be wearing nice white dresses. But my boy is just grabbing a white shirt from his father’s wardrobe cos he also said, “White shirts are for waiters lah, woi.”

Sigh…I know when my son wakes up, he is going to ask, “Ma….why are you wearing a white blouse too? You think you going for confirmation or what?”

*ok, it is 5 pm and I am supposed to kick him out of bed now.

Plus the husband asked, “Eh, the three of you (#1, #2 and I) go can lah. Your Bishop very boring one, I fall asleep there how?”

I told him, “Cannottt….this confirmation mass is very important one. The next time you are going to church again is when #2 gets married, that is if he gets married. So, must come to church with us.”

Gotta run!