Do you know what I do for Deepavali?

I wrote a good, sincere post on my faith blog. I wanted to write it here but Malaysiakini seems to hate my personal blog and none of my post ever appeared on their site. I am paiseh with the complaints I made to the editor so boh pien liao.

I wrote some thoughts there so go over and read why I am liking PAS and some of their handsome MPs like Husam and Ir Khalid, will you? By the way, Ir Khalid’s brother is UMNO’s Sharir. I just watched the news on TV3 and UMNO Sharir’s said he had received a lot of SMS threats over something. Makes you go hmmmm….How can people trust a group of people who cannot even behave themselves in their own election? And these people want to shout loud loud they are defending their own race. Simple party election pun buat kacau macam-macam dah.

Beside that, I made murukku for Deepavali.

murukku for deepavali

Yay! I have learnt how to make murukku.

Actually, I wanted to bake a cake for my Hindu neighbour but I am not sure if Hindus eat butter. So, I decided not to do it. Oh, the murukku is my experimental project and personal consumption and not to be given away (just in case you think I am nuts to make murukku for my Indian neighbour)

And that’s all I do for Deepavali.

To all my Hindu readers, may the light prevails over all the evil. HAPPY DEEPAVALI and happy holidays to the rest of you.

15 thoughts on “Do you know what I do for Deepavali?

  1. I just finished eating the ghee balls my friend gave me. It’s my favorite!
    Now I am munching on muruku ( from my neighbor) as I type this. It’s so addictive.

    I want to finish it all and quickly so it won’t be there to tempt me. I even sprinkled some on my fried rice just now for dinner.

  2. Yesterday we went to Little India hoping to get some muruku. Wah! the place was packed with people, with goodies stalls lining the narrow roads and Hindustan music filling the air. I felt like we were in India.

    We bought a pack from a corner shop in Penang Street, NR Century Sweets. The muruku looks less oily and with more spice seeds compared to the ones sold at the road-side stalls. While lining up to pay, an Indian granny told us that the muruku here is better as the shop used “good” oil to fry.

    Anyway, the pack of muruku costs RM18 is already gone before Deepavali.

  3. happy deeapavalli to all hindu readers of the famous :p
    can bake cake for me arr ??:p..btw we did ur orange marble cake from msiabest..its really nice like appolo layer cake oni 🙂

  4. I wished I could celebrate Deepavali today with my Hindu Brethens like in the past, but I couldn’t. How could I, knowing that there are still some Hindu Brethens in Kamunting languishing in their solitary cells when they should be home with their family.


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  5. Hi Lilian i am your fan leh, your home made murukku look delicious, can make and sell me ah?? I just love murukku especially home made one.

  6. Lil hope you dont mind if I solicit some cooking tips from your readers.

    I bought some instant lasagna sheets and tried making them by putting them in the oven with the meat sauce. The output was not what I expected and I think this has got to do with the lasagna sheets.

    Do you need to process the lasagna sheets? I feel that it need to be dipped in water. Any help on how to process the sheets (San Remo brand).


  7. Thong – What does the instruction on the packet said? Normally, I buy those that I need to parboil first. Otherwise, your sauce needs to be really runny for the dried pasta sheets to soften.

  8. Thong, since you are using the instant type, there’s no need to parboil.Make sure the sheets are completely covered by the sauce and only layer one sheet at a time.Don’t overlap.

    Just layer accordingly then let the whole thing sit for a while before you start baking.After baking let sit for about 30 mins. before eating.

    I can’t handle parboiled sheets very well cos they are sticky so need some oil.I have tried using fresh ‘sar hor fun’ rice sheets. Turned out quite interesting. Dare to try? It was a tip from a local chef.

  9. The instructions did not mentioned anything about the sheets. It would be like sar hor fun if done properly.

    I dont think it is the sauce. it is just that the sheets are missing some “kung fu”. My final product was that the sheets
    turned out to be like dried “fu chuk” skin. I still think maybe the sheets should be soaked in water first!

    Have to experiment some more as still have
    quite a stack of those. Anyway thanks to Lil and Momo for coming up with suggestions.

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