I wrote a good, sincere post on my faith blog. I wanted to write it here but Malaysiakini seems to hate my personal blog and none of my post ever appeared on their site. I am paiseh with the complaints I made to the editor so boh pien liao.

I wrote some thoughts there so go over and read why I am liking PAS and some of their handsome MPs like Husam and Ir Khalid, will you? By the way, Ir Khalid’s brother is UMNO’s Sharir. I just watched the news on TV3 and UMNO Sharir’s said he had received a lot of SMS threats over something. Makes you go hmmmm….How can people trust a group of people who cannot even behave themselves in their own election? And these people want to shout loud loud they are defending their own race. Simple party election pun buat kacau macam-macam dah.

Beside that, I made murukku for Deepavali.

murukku for deepavali

Yay! I have learnt how to make murukku.

Actually, I wanted to bake a cake for my Hindu neighbour but I am not sure if Hindus eat butter. So, I decided not to do it. Oh, the murukku is my experimental project and personal consumption and not to be given away (just in case you think I am nuts to make murukku for my Indian neighbour)

And that’s all I do for Deepavali.

To all my Hindu readers, may the light prevails over all the evil. HAPPY DEEPAVALI and happy holidays to the rest of you.