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I hate chew Mr. Sun

There are some people who pronounce ‘you’ as chew, just in case you don’t get it.

I am not much of science person so I do not care whether it is the sun or the earth that shifted position but every year end in the mornings, the sun rays will shine right onto my head while I am still fast asleep. You know lah…nowadays TNB play cheat and refused to reduce electricity tariff eventhough petrol price has reduced (maklumlah, if not who is going to feed the IPPs except us poor taxpayers) so we pun menjimat elektrik and don’t turn on the aircond unless it is absolutely sweaty hot.


So, the sun was shinning very, very hot on my face while I was still dozing. I was dreaming of swimming in flood water that is as high as my neck level and there is a rainbow over the horizon. Lately, after some psychology courses, I am into dreams interpretation Sigmund Freud’s style. The priest who taught us psychology told us, “Don’t bring your dreams to the older generation of priests or they will call you crazy.” The priest also told us not to get obsessed with dreams because many of them are merely our hidden desires or unachieved ambition or inner fears. So, I take the swimming in flood water, watching rainbow as the ‘give me a lemon and I will make lemonade’ attitude.


Mighty pretty buns my son baked last midnight. We walloped them all before going to sleep.

Talking about before going to sleep, I did some reading on Utusan and I wish to tell you guys how racist they are. Pak Lah is sending his Deepavali wishes to all Malaysians and Utusan managed to fill the whole story about not adopting violence. I am so pissed with them. This is implying that people have been violent.

Elak cetus ketegangan

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengingatkan rakyat Malaysia supaya tidak sesekali memberi ruang kepada sebarang kumpulan ataupun individu pelampau melakukan apa jua tindakan yang boleh mencetuskan ketegangan.

Perdana Menteri berkata, perkara itu dapat dicapai dengan berbekalkan semangat Deepavali, dan dengan keyakinan bahawa nilai-nilai yang baik akan sentiasa memperoleh kemenangan.


Next, Utusan featured another story like Penang is turning away from the usage of Bahasa Malaysia and going against the constitution. WTF, man? How can Utusan be allowed to twist facts to stir up racial uneasiness like that?

”Status tapak warisan dunia di Pulau Pinang tidak sesekali boleh menghalalkan tindakan untuk pasang papan tanda nama jalan dalam pelbagai bahasa. Mungkin ada berlaku pada masa lalu papan tanda bahasa lain digunakan tetapi keadaan kini berbeza.

”Kalau kita mahu pegang hujah secara lurus bendul atas dasar warisan seperti itu, maka bolehlah disamakan dengan meminta Pulau Pinang diserahkan kembali kepada Kedah,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia hari ini.

Beliau diminta mengulas tindakan kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang meluluskan permohonan Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang untuk memasang papan tanda nama jalan dalam tulisan jawi, Tamil dan Cina bagi tujuan warisan di jalan-jalan tertentu di Georgetown.

You got to read how ridiculous the news is. It is so, so, so small-minded.

Of course, I could just ignore news on Utusan. But then, hey, how many people’s mind have been poisoned by all these hidden sentiments planted in them? This is like the white horse with black tail kind of story. If I ask you not to think of a white horse with black tail, what will be on your mind? If the papers keep talking like there is a racial tension amongst us, what will these people think? They will think there is and they will get paranoid. Utusan keeps pumping to our brothers and sisters that certain races ingin mencetus ketegangan and certain races are going to wipe out our national language.

I hate chew, Mr. Sun. And all the irresponsible people who sow the seeds of paranoia, hatred and misunderstanding. The power may be in your hands but God has power over the world.

3 Responses to “I hate chew Mr. Sun”

  1. “…tidak sesekali memberi ruang kepada sebarang kumpulan ataupun individu pelampau melakukan apa jua tindakan yang boleh mencetuskan ketegangan.”

    Macam periuk memanggil cerek hitam literally translated as Pot calling the kettle black.

    Menghunus keris, memanggil orang ‘pendatang’, mendesak orang balik negeri Cina/India tidak dianggap mencetuskan ketegangan? Tiu Niamah….

  2. So much so for muhibbah when they don’t even appreciate the public display of multiculturalism.

    kyh´s last blog post..More bla bla bla…

  3. I just found out where Utusan printing factory or warehouse is, I pass it the other day after wondering off my usual route home to PJ from Kajang.

    What to throw stink bomb at them ah?