Hairy balls

Hmm….does hair grow on balls, ma?


Terence/JT, can you answer that? I am not sure. Well, at least I didn’t do enough experiments and dissection to know that.


Actually, I have a lot of things to do but I am too stressed out, thinking about them so I didn’t do anything! So, I took out some kiwi fruits and cut them and take pictures with my Nikon micro lens that costed me RM2.6K. The lens that is soooooo under utilised because I found out that it is not easy to take macro shots with a DSLR micro lens. It is nothing like those point and shoot camera where you just switch to the ‘tulip’ button and thiak, thiak, thiak.


See? It is hard to focus. So, I need to use manual focus. But one of my hand has to hold the cut fruit so I cannot focus as I need both hands. What I did was to shift the distance of the kiwi fruit from my camera lens to make the image sharp. *roll eyes* I know I should use a tripod but I was too lazy to do so. Moreover, how am I going to suspend the cut fruit in midair?

kiwi fruit

Then, I have to finish two kiwifruits after taking the photos. My eldest son saw me crouching by the window (to get ample light), on the floor with two kiwifruits, a sharp knife and a camera and he told his other brother, “Man, your ma is playing with two hairy balls.”

So, back to my question. Does hair grown on balls? Laugh what laugh? Serious question, wei.

17 thoughts on “Hairy balls

  1. What kind of balls are you referring to???

    Are you referring to those that Pak Lah do not have or what???? LOL

  2. Off topic. Anyone has Johan Dennelind’s email address, CEO of DIGI??? I wanna write him a complain. Thanks.

  3. JT – Thank you, Sir JT! I guess you must have examined many, many to be able to answer hor?

    Tan Silly – Digi dun have lah. Mummy Helen got lah. You want Cambodian, China, Vietnamese or exotic Eastern European?

    kew – It better be ‘cos the lens is more expensive than my camera body. I never really play around with the macro lens though. Cos I must mount on tripod or else the photo cannot be sharp as I need to make the aperture big number.

    momo – That time I loaded when I was making lots of money online, so can afford. Now, pok kai liao so buy one oven also must think for two weeks. I think US are cutting down on advertising budget so less income for us lately. Also, I don’t do so much online work liao.

    Tan silly – People ask question, answer yes or no only lah! Tiu.

    Kak Teh – I got the tools but don’t have the skill. LOL.

  4. I don’t think hair grows on balls. I think balls throw on hair. Hence, the expression,’Hanging by the balls.” Seriously. Hehehehe…it has been a tense week. Cheer.

  5. kadusmama – Hahaha, I know asking question which answer I already know of, will solicit some interesting replies. And true enough….ass longkang hahaha.

    whispering – You must de-stress soon cos you got all your t and g mixed up already.

    anakpenang – Now, I am confused. Is that left yes, right no? Or what?

  6. I like shot of ball #2. 🙂

    Gua mesti destress too… Playing with my DSLR also but no $$$ for macro lens yet. You’re right, taking macro photos on DSLR manyak susah. I keep looking for the “tulip” option but doesn’t work so well-le. 😛

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..Light Overcame Darkness…

  7. Hi Lilian,

    i think your two macro shots a little over-flashed – tried doing it without flash? it could be nicer, or perhaps try one with bouncer, so that the light is not so harsh.

    wahlau´s last blog post..Fear about things

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