The day I missed stalking the CM

I didn’t go to Mt. Miriam on Deepavali because I figured that the patients would spend their days at home and those who are still in the ward will have lots of friends and relatives visiting them. Normally, on public holidays, the place is deserted. The last time I went during Merdeka, there was no car except for mine and a few others. I ended up talking with Jesus (in the chapel) because there was not many patients around.

So, I ponteng work and slept till late. But when I woke up, I saw an SMS from someone who told me that the CM is expected to be in Mt. Miriam. Ish, I missed my stalking chance. Anyway, even if I go, I have no right to run around the place because I am only a voluntary worker and my place is in the wards and not running around the conference hall. So, it doesn’t matter.

BTW, there is a memorial service on November 8th at Mount Miriam. It is at 9.30 am in the morning. It is an interfaith memorial service for those deceased patients’ families. I will be there, to remember two wonderful women whom made my voluntary work felt worthwhile. They have passed on but they are still in my heart as they were the first few patients who gave me the confidence to venture into this pastoral care work (which is mighty depressing, scary, challenging but enriching and worthwhile).

Anyway, another announcement, from the CM’s staff.

Wireless@Penang Forum
Organized by:Penang State Government / MCMC
Time: 2-5Pm
Place: Dome Komtar
Admission :Free – just bring your own makan if you wish.
Date : 8 November 2008

Forum is organised to address health / social issues related to WIFI/WIMAX implementation. Please forward to your friends.

Anyone interested, please go lah. Me? Who cares if the thing can cause health problems or not. All I want is something that can kick Stimass. The internet at night is awfully slow.

So, good night!

10 thoughts on “The day I missed stalking the CM

  1. Lilian,
    long time no come here how’s thing?
    i really admire your commitment (no, not the CM stalking)

    can I borrow 1 line of ‘leave yr comment’ space to vent out my rage??

    ” I just HATE the things my MIL do …aarrrgggg ”

    now feet wee bit better..thanks……..

    JT´s last blog post..Poor man’s rolex – Seiko chronograph

  2. JT : Still interested in getting a Glock??? LOL I’ll throw in some rounds for free.

  3. JT – LOL, I thought you are cured of your blog hopping addiction and are happily golfing with your MIL. That’s why I don’t see you around.

    Tan Silly – Is that a used one?

    anakpenang – Eh, you got my mail? I sent it to guasi… wor.

  4. JT – It is to study lah, not work. Clinical pastoral education (CPE) course only available in Spore. Or you can sponsor me go to Ireland. Hehehe. The deal does not work out ‘cos I have to pay for the course first, claim later and then, under 3 yrs of contract. Anyway, Singapore now doesn’t give 90 days visa so I drop the idea. There is something in Assunta but it is only available partially. One needs the certification to teach but unfortunately, no one has that in Malaysia. Anyway, certificate or not, I am doing ok as it is lor. I prefer not to get a gaji and a fixed 9-5 job so that things are more flexible. Yesou is my boss. Muahahar.

  5. JT: The gun was meant for you lah. Bwahahaha!!! Just kidding. Welcome back.

  6. Lilian,
    if u knw any1 in s’pore just get them to be yr guarantor in applying visa extension for the whole duration, all they want to c is a signature. very easy.
    so u want a cert? tell me how it looks like, I’ll get it done. BTW, who’s signature do u want on it? Elvis? Pope? Mahatir? or Colonel Kentucky? all in PINK!
    jokes aside, knwing the time u hav spent n yr dedication, it will be better to get the cert in a long term not just for proper recognition but also serves as an alternative mean of income should the situation changes.

    kanineh…. i give you One durian!

    JT´s last blog post..Poor man’s rolex – Seiko chronograph

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