I have been meaning to rant about this but never got around to it. Now, I am too lazy to pick up the news on the media so you have to rely on what I can remember. Few weeks ago, I read that Education Ministry is still eenie-meenie-mini-mo on whether to stick to English in the teachings of Science and Mathematics or to revert back to Bahasa Malaysia. Later on, they are pondering if our primary school children should learn History or Sejarah. Back in my time, I studied Tawarikh and yet I do not know what a hartal is (because history is ‘what the ruling government wants us to know and not what history actually is’). Some days back, they wanted to introduce the social contract study. I do not know what is a social contract. Oh ya, if I am not mistaken, there was also a proposal to teach Muslims children some interfaith subjects to make them better understand other faiths.

I do get the sinister feelings that our politicians are using our kids to wipe their shits. When something feels wrong, they will immediately point out that it is something to do with our kids. Like say for example, there is not semangat muhibbah, they pump in some projects and studies. Like when we failed to measure up globally, they pump in the teachings of English.

It is actually good when our policy makers take a proactive stand in improving and developing our nations. But as a parent, I feel they are not doing it for that purpose but rather, to use it to make right their wrongs. If we rakyats complained the Government is not doing something, they will quickly quickly stuff some fancy proposals to be implemented in our schools.

I think it is time we stop blaming the problems we face on our children and the education system. The children needs only the basic education. The rest is for us parents to rub it on them. So, to do that, just give us better ‘feel good’ feelings about our Government and we will sing the praises into our children. You want history? Give us real facts and not distort it to favour one political party over the other. Want us to be more understanding and accepting other faiths? Stop all those political lies, twisting God to favour their political party. Want us to be more competitive globally? Stop implanting fears to the citizens that knowing English or Mandarin is going to kill off the whole race (nay, like the stupid debate on what language to use for road signs).

Sekian. Terima Kasih. Sila datang lagi.