So in touch with the soul, go yoga yourself into a pretzel lah!

I say I think yoga is against my Christian faith and I won’t do it. I never say I am the Pope and I issued the order. So, why get so worked up over what I personally feel wor? Niamah.

Cilaka. Actually, I saja no support yoga because I don’t see why I want to sit down in the same position and do nothing.

If I want exercise, I might as well bring my camera for a walk in the forest or hills.

If want to be in touch with my soul, I can do many things like :

a) read a cookbook while shitting. You know…you have to alleviate yourself to a higher level to be able to enjoy and drooling over foods in a cookbook while the pile of shit is swimming in the toilet bowl. See? I am the master of my own soul. There’s the mind and the arse.

b) blog and stir shits and enjoy when the shit hits people’s faces. You need to be able to detach your feelings to enjoy a good shit stirrer moment.

c) go to some quiet place like the sanctuary and dwell in the presence of the Holy Spirit. After all, isn’t that the best way to be in tune with our inner self?

Go yoga and don’t spam my blog with your disagreement.

I personally feel that none of us who are not Muslims ought to questions whatever fatwa because it is the polite thing to do.