My mader will slap me for this

We Chinese are very strict with how we treat our foods. Chinese eats everything because of hard lives and poverty. Give them a pig and they will eat every part of the pig including the intestines, testicles, kote, brain, ears and even the snort. Oink, oink, oink.

So, as children, we are not supposed to waste foods and not supposed to equate our foods with anything. If my mother is around, she will probably take a rotan and chase after my sons for the kind of things they play. And definitely she will give me an earful for not being respectful to food.

I have a sudden urge to make Jamie Oliver’s gnocchi. My eldest and second son always joked with each other about Jamie Oliver.

“Man, your ma has a crush on Jamie Oliver.”

“Man, your ma’s bible is Jamie Oliver’s cookbook and Jamie Oliver is your ma’s Jesus.”


I normally do not read recipe thoroughly. So, I just glanced through and get an idea of what needs to be done. After I popped the potatoes into the boiling water, I went, “OH SHIT! Jamie Oliver said to bake the potatoes, not boil them! Shit, how now?”

So, the whole kitchen disaster begins.


The freaking potatoes seem to ‘leak juices’ and no matter how much flour I added, the dough keeps getting watery. So, I added all the flour I can find at home. Flour was all over the place. It is almost midnight and my Jamie Oliver gnocchi looks like a major disaster.


I even bought this potato ricer to mash the potato for the gnocchi. But shit, the thing won’t work because I undercooked my potato. In the end, the potatoes have to be mashed by hands and then, stuffed into the blender.

jamie oliver

While Jamie Oliver looking smugly at me, my blood is boiling already because the blardy potatoes cannot be formed into dough! Argggh..and my eldest son told me his recipe from KDU only uses 150 grams flour while I had added like 400 grams of flour.

In the end, my son helped to pipe out the sticky dough and we cut some into the boiling water.

But meanwhile….in the living room, the other monkeys were laughing like mad in the living room.


And this is what they did with the rest of the dough because I am too pissed use all of them. They tried boiling the two piles of ermmm…something…

Sigh….so much fun with Jamie Oliver.  Luckily the gnocchi turned out very tasty and yummy.  If you want to see the whole recipe for Jamie Oliver gnocchi, it is over on my food blog.

13 thoughts on “My mader will slap me for this

  1. OMG I was laughing my head off while reading your post. Gnocchi seems easy to make, but in reality, its a lot of work. Here in Italy, I buy the plentiful fresh gnocchi off the shelves. Its best coupled with tomato based sauce or just with cheese, olive oil and pepper.

    I love scooping it out of the water once it floats. Heh. Reminds me of back in the days when my mum used to make onde onde.

    whimsicaljottings´s last blog post..Cinque Terre, Seconda Parte.

  2. Well, we have been fed with piles of ermmmm from our poli-tikus. At least, yours look yummier 😛

  3. You have intro ur readers into the real Chinese religion: Try things and survive with frugality.

    That was why and how those sinkehs or immigrants or pendatang awal became millionaires outside their homeland. Now who supported them?

    They knew that they could not Cry for Argentina!

  4. Which edibles have no worms?

    The very moment edibles are left in the open, worms or germs start its growth programs. However, from the mouth to the anus there are all sorts of acids or good bacteria (lactobacilli) to ward them off. The other defence being fate.

    Actually, organs are very delicious- stomachs, livers, intestines, duodenums, etc.

    About the lower parts, I do not know; never tried. Nonetheless, Lilian had shared it sometime ago when she blogged about eating the lower parts at upper Penang Road.

    Belum try belum tahu! Once you have tried then… hahaha… it is tahu sama tahu!

  5. Errr, somebody slap me if I am wrong ah, but that reminds me of making “mee hun kuih” what. Except this have potatoes in it, maybe the dough can be use to make “mee hun kuih”, just roll it flat and tear it to small flat pieces and cook it in “ikan bilis” broth.

    But that last swirly thingy does look like shit, your boys got good hands lah! All is needed is to sprinkle some coffee or coco powder on it and it will look like the real thing minus the smell.

    I used to gila about Jamie’s series as well but now I am hooked on Ramsay and “Licensed to grill”. You should checked them out, think you will like their recipe and cooking as well.

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