Pak Lah, ape tu ‘academic’?

Minta maaflah, Pak Lah. Saya tak pernah beli barang mahal-mahal. Jadi saya kurang faham ape tu ‘academic’ yang Pak Lah guna di Malaysiakini?

Boleh Pak Lah explain?

  • On Tuesday, Abdullah had said that the purchase price for the 12 Cougar EC725 helicopters was RM1.7 billion, and not RM2.3 billion as reported earlier.
  • then, the harga turun ….

  • He said today that the price that he should have quoted was RM1.607 billion, but because he was informed the figure was RM1.67, he had decided it should be rounded up.
  • and then, lagi turun…..

  • Earlier today, Deputy Defence Minister Abu Seman Yusop in his winding-up speech clarified that another figure – cited by the ministry’s secretary-general Abu Bakar Abdullah last week – was mistaken in that the RM1.1 billion quoted did not take into account the RM500 million derived from services charges and the ‘offset package’.
  • One more shopping skill that I have never mastered is, buy something without checking.

  • Abu Seman had said the ministry’s technical committee had decided to buy the 12 helicopters based on documents alone.
  • If I buy RM50 toaster, I also must check if the toaster can toast. I will ask the sales promoter to plug in and see if it heats up. If my son wants to buy RM5 plastic helicopter, I also check if the wheel or the fan blades can turn.

    Just because my neighbours and friends say the thing is good, I also must try first. So, it is amazing lah…..Fantastic lah. Senang aje nak beli helicopter yang berbillion-billion huh? Tak yah sakit kepala. Pakai duit rakyat jelata senang kan? Yang tak balance, semua tu pasal academic. Academic tu boleh makan kah, Pak Lah? Ape tu academic?

    “The helicopter is a proven machine. It’s already in service, used by a few nations, including France. and has seen combat experience in Afghanistan.

    “Our pilots who will fly the helicopters had tried them in (Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition) Lima, so they know about the performance of the helicopter.

    Haih….the news on Malaysiakini just make you go wtf?

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    1. “check whether toaster can toast” ekekekekeke!!, I hope they check whether the fan on the ‘copter can “switch off” in case it gets to cold up in the skies… ekekekeke!!

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    2. Razak Baginda has been acquitted of the Murder Charge of Althantuya, the 28-year old Mongolian girl whose body was blown to pieces using C4.

      Malaysia Boleh, indeed !

      Kangaroo Court Boleh as well !!!

    3. Academic sounds like going to school. Maybe Pak Lah should go back to school.

      The Ministry of Defence are like Eskimos buying freezers.

    4. France ah…umm, go google type in ‘french military victories’ then click I’m Feeling Lucky. Report back with your results.

    5. Round up from RM1.67 to RM1.7 is equivalent to 3 sen increase. We can buy that, because it is only the cost of a piece of tissue paper (assuming 1 packet got 10 pieces).

      Abothen… we forgot the word BILLION! It is 1 billion pieces of tissue paper we are talking about here!!! Just by the decision of “rounding up” makes me think the PM is stupid!!! 30 million bucks, man!!!

      Perhaps, next day the dozen of choppers only cost less than a billion… PM might say, “Since the price was adjusted to be so “cheap”, we decide not to postpone the purchase anymore…”

      WHAT THE…

      Bolehland is once again becoming an international laughing stock!

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    6. Pak Lah never know the value of money. So, I hope he dun teach us how to value our money.
      Fikir sebelum belanja! He never fikir at all.
      Ooopppss… I forget, he doesn’t have brain to think.

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    7. Either way, we know somebody wanna makan from the deal. Well, I’m buying something, you’re not the seller (you’re just a third party), why you want to derive money to be put into your pocket?

      We need not to listen to what Pak Lah has quoted. Rather, I shall just go to the helicopter manufacturer and ask “How much does that cost?”. That’s it. Tak mungkin nak makan belanja banyak-banyak.

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