Elmo Live may be the answer to emo kids

You know what’s lacking nowadays? The ability to laugh at silly jokes, doing dumb things and being a child. Everyone is so uptight and that includes the parents. And when parents are uptight, they bring up uptight kids as well. Every toy they get, it has to be educational. Educational is like a lifesaver.

How often have you heard parents bragged about how much they spent on educational toys on their children? Sometimes, I wonder why we need to be educational all the time? Educational is not fun. It is simply educational.

I personally feel we may have unintentionally robbed the joy of childhood from our children. We stuffed them with toys which are either educational or something that involves competition. Play to win. Play to get smart. Play to be better.

That’s why when I saw the Tickle Me Elmo toy when it first hit our stores, my kids and I were glued to the demo set. We laughed along with Elmo. We slapped each other’s back and laughed somemore. Then, we tickled Elmo and the red, furry, happy face laughed and roll on the floor. And we laughed somemore.

Elmo Live

How often have we typed, LOL or ROTFLMAO in our blog posts or other expressions? But do we really laughed out loud all the time and do we really find something that is so funny we roll on the floor laugh my ass off? Usually, no, we do not laugh that much and we certainly don’t always ROTFLMAO.

I suppose it is because we have forgotten what being happy is. That’s why people, especially the teens and older children are so emo nowadays. They seem to enjoy being sombre, sad, depressed and being the ‘poor one’ eventhough they are not. I think we can blame it on the kind of toys we introduced to them as kids.

Maybe we should get more toys to teach them to be happy. Take for example, the Elmo Live that tells stories to children. You can read more elmo live review on the link but let me tell you in a gist what it is. This Elmo Live is almost like Tickle Me Elmo but it is a more ‘intelligent’ one that talks too. But it doesn’t just blab away but Elmo Live possess the same infectious laughter, crazy dances and basically, Elmo Live is just pure happiness.

I am sure families are going to get buy elmo live for their kids for Christmas. I know I would want a live wire like Elmo Live too. Remember, never grow old and grouchy. Find that kid that is embedded in you and be young always. (got this advice from watching Leo Buscaglia video)

5 thoughts on “Elmo Live may be the answer to emo kids

  1. hi there lilian, i love your statement: “Remember, never grow old and grouchy. Find that kid that is embedded in you and be young always.” i guess by doing so, we’ll mature (not grow old) gracefully with age šŸ˜‰

  2. I have the older version. The ROTFLOL one. This is the newer version.

    My doter tekan until battery habis in one afternoon. LOL.

  3. terence – No wonder you are so crazy lah…cos you have been listening to the laughing elmo.

    ai-ling – I am taking a course on psychology and this is call exploring out Id. Hehehe, applying some theories here cos I am sitting for exam next week.

  4. Hi, where did you buy your Elmo Live? Want to buy one for my daughter’s 1st birthday. šŸ™‚

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