Sometimes…buying women stuffs are so mind boggling

My supplies of Bobbi Brown loose powder and compact foundation are running low. Times are bad, recession is looming and so, I decided to stop buying them. Moreover, there are no sales where I can earn 10x bonus points and get RM20 cash voucher for every RM100 I spent. A compact foundation from Bobbi Brown is RM165. But a Silky Girl (some local brand) compact powder is only RM13.90 and with sale at Guardian, it is only RM10.98. So, don’t you think it is foolish to spend RM165 when something cheaper works the same way?

I know the men will all echo, “YES! OF COURSE IT IS STUPID!” But the women will say, “Not at all. Think of the quality, the end results, the dignity of fishing a black Bobbi Brown out of your bag compared to a Silky Girl.”

I must count my lucky stars that my hubby never question the BMW vs. used Proton issue. He just pay for them every time the credit card bill comes. But I see some poor women struggling with their conscience even when these poor women are paying for their own stuffs. It makes me wonder, what for you marry a man if he cannot even give you some of these luxuries in life? Maybe they are some lou koo por without prospect of getting taken off the shelf and are afraid of dying alone.

Doesn’t make sense, right? Why bother to marry, give sex to him LOL and maybe give birth to his kids and yet, the blardy old man cannot even fork out some money for something to make you happy? So, dear girls, if you are going to marry, make sure you set the rules that you are not to be questioned about the kind of girly stuffs you want to spend on.

This is totally not related to my post but for the next 48 hours, you need to scroll down before you get new posts. Don’t ask me why.

Anyway, as a make money blogger, I am noticing a decline in income from all sides because many of the advertisers are cutting down on advertising. Less advertisement equals less income for me. The only people who keep denying we are going to face a recession is the new UMNO president. They freaking reduce 20 sen from a kilogram of rice and they bark so loud. Niamah, when the stupid petrol price increased by 70 sen, the rice price was increased 100%. Previously, 10kg of fragrance rice was RM32 and then, it went up to RM70 and now, reduced to about RM50. And they farking claimed prices of goods are coming down just because the price of rice went down 20 cibai sen.

I know I have gone off topic but I found the two Gerakan clowns wearing Indian dothi in an Indian temple and that pissed me off too. All I see is two desperadoes trying to fish for ex-Hindraf members to join their party. Niamah.

I wonder if I crap everything into a single post like this will cause all my regular readers to go cuckoo like me. I hope so. Cos the first part of my post is actually to diss someone. The rests are my political rants disguised under woman personal rant.

Have a good week ahead. I am sitting for exam next week. *sweats* Remember hor, the link in gray fonts? And don’t freaking ask me why or else I tiu you. I want to buy Bobbi Brown mah.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes…buying women stuffs are so mind boggling

  1. hubby only questioned me if i used his money to buy stuffs. Whatever i bought used my own money, no questions will be asked..hehehe!! I do worry hubby will found out about those handbags i hide i my closet lah!! hahaha..
    5xmom..bobbi brown powder ok kah??

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Tired + moron driver

  2. As long as my Empress doesn’t overspend till our pants drop, I keep my peace.Lol…

    The price of fuel is coming down and yet our Moronic govt wants to increase the transportation fares. Wtbf!

  3. Fuel price is fast dropping but the food and goods prices still remain high. So, our uncle Sharir goes around talking to and “encouraging” traders to reduce their prices. But what about the electricity tariff ? The tai kor TNB “chow khar” (busuk kaki), refused to reduce the tariff and giving a lot of excuses. The high electricity bill also gives the traders another excuse not to reduce their prices.

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