What kind of stewpig law enforcement is this? The rear seat belt issue

Sometimes, those goons really make me wonder if I am living in the dark ages or what. Countries around the world already have law enforcement that every one must be belted up. If you have an extra passenger, you take another car or call another taxi. No argument about that. We face that in Australia and Hongkong.

But what do we have over here?

Monday November 3, 2008
No sure decision yet on whether extra passenger needs to belt up or pay up

They are not sure what they are going to do with the fourth passenger at the back. Dudes, there shouldn’t be a fourth passenger! Simple as that. Only three, max.

The uncertainty among those with more than five family members is, can the additional passenger travel without buckling up, once the rear seat-belt law is enforced on Jan 1?

The Road Safety Department says they can, but the traffic police says the issue has not been decided.


Of course, I am one of those guilty people who sometimes, only sometimes, stuffed four of us at the back because my 7-seater is still at the workshop.

What pissed me is the lack of co-operation and co-ordination between the police and JPJ. Is it so hard for them to sit down and work these out? This issue on rear seat belt and mandatory car seat for babies and small children is not something new. A lot of people, including the doctors, have pushed for this enforcement due to the highly fatal accident cases.

So, being the authority, they should have put their feet down, set the law and deal with it. There is no such thing as unsure, at this stage. If it is good for the people, make it a law and they have to disregard the inconveniences, gripes, whines faced by families like mine who have four children. That’s why we are always so inefficient. Stop dilly-dally, pushing the buck. Make up their freaking mind, already.

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  1. You are correct!!! Only 3 at the rear and total 5 in a passenger car. Total 7 or 8 in a van/MPV or whatever is stated on the registration sheet.

    5xMOM for Transport Minister!!! Woot!!!

  2. they should hav tot abt tht, should they? what is so difficult abt it? I am disappointed tht they didnt implement a fix interval car safety checks for all cars >3yrs old. Each festive period, u r bound to c tragic highway accidents… headlines like ‘Crash killed family of 8’… ‘One way journey for 5’ etc etc…are common. There are more cars that are unroadworthy than u’d like to think.
    statistically speaking motorbike fatalities kill more than cars, but majority either wear the wrong helmets or no helmets at all!

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  3. Ahem! Cough…after shooting from their mouths about the enforcement, the suddenly realised that some people have a lot of chewdwen in a car (eg. packing 6 people in a Kancil) and if the rules were enforced, people will rant and not vote for them. Cough!

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  4. we have a loop hole with our law; it is not illegal to have more passengers in a car if all the seat belts are being used so 5 people get belted up & the rest no need, go figure! we have an accident involving 8 kids in 1 car last week that had an accident & 1 died & the rest injured but law says cannot prosecute them for over crowding!

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  5. many times, doing the right thing may not be the right thing to do. seat belts implementation has been widely accepted in richer countries. but the social or family structures are different here. dare I say poorer families tend to have a larger family. in another words, this is discriminating them.
    there are other more effective ways in improving road safety.It does not take a genius to figure out many accidents were caused by inexperienced/inconsiderate drivers. I’m not sure, are seat belts compulsory in all buses (bus kilang, school bus and tour bus) ?

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  6. Yalor, knowing that it is the ‘law’ here to have five kids each, and knowing how lousy public transport is and also knowing how ‘rich’ our people are, they come up with this idea and yet, cannot implement lor.

    I think what pablo said is true lor. Sure lose votes wan.

    wuching, last time when I was in Melbourne, the taxi driver sibeh garang wor. But then, last time I have two kids with me and yet, he kept turning over to see if we have belted up.

    And in conclusion – We also know the rampant kopi-o cases with the puspakom lor. Now, what has happened to those buses accidents? Nothing already. We just have to wait till another busload die then only start talking until we forget again….Biasa ler.

  7. If you ask me, this is a clear cut case of an inefficient government which had the laws but no will to enforce. Very different from how the governments in Singapore or other developed countries run their country. Laws are meant to be enforced irrespective of whether it is popular or unpopular for as long as they are just, fair and for the greater good of the public.

    I don’t think it is deemed as a discrimination against those with larger families. Would they want to trade safety against convenience? Tidak apa attitude? Frankly, I don’t condone those parents who do not insist that their children buckle up or worse still, allowing a child to sit on the driver’s lap whilst driving. Suicidal!

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  8. As usual, there are too many goats and donkeys at the top of the Gormen agencies!
    Looks like there did not go to school!
    They should use their ‘ass’ brain of theirs for safety sake, there are NO two ways about it.

    The problem here is that even right now, a compact car built for five (max) is overloaded with seven! Kids ma! Buying a second car is out of da question nowadays.

    So how? Close one eye and seven people get maimed/dies in car crashes!!!!!
    Law is law. Politics should be kept out of this …….. for safety sake!Bodoh!


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  9. What kind of comments you wankers have written? Have a bit of heart for poor people with bigger family and one car, they need to travel too and that consideration was the cautious outcome on implementation of the rear seat belts especially in the villages or even suburban areas, this is beyond the color of politics or whatever

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