Which MAS destination should I go for my second honeymoon?

It is almost year end and my two sons have been skipping classes because there are no more lesson. So, we thought of going to somewhere since there are so much hype about cheap holidays and almost zero cost flights. We wanted to beat the school holiday, Christmas and New Year crowd, you see. Moreover, my 20th wedding anniversary is at the end of this month. So, it is like a second honeymoon, right?

And that’s where I landed on this ‘batteries not included’ package deals. You know what? It is very frustrating to be told that the flights are as cheap as RM39.90 but when I tried booking, I am given a totally different fare. The reason is the hidden costs not mentioned by some of the airlines.

I guess many of us too hate the ‘surprises’ of these additional fees and charges because normally some of those airlines really misled us with all kind of cheap flights and no frills trip. It is very annoying to discover all the hidden charges and unless we go through the really fine prints, we really do not know what we are bargaining for.

So, my dream of going to Bali for the first time evaporates into thin air. But I am not giving up yet and that lead me to MAS website. MAS has been around for decades but I didn’t know that they too offer cheap flights and holiday packages. They have what they call the ‘What you see is what you pay for’ All Inclusive Low Fares. The fare is inclusive of fuel surcharge, airport tax and insurance levy. iLike!

MAS All Inclusive Low Fares
MAS All Inclusive Low Fares

So, I checked all the available destinations which have package deals that include flight, hotel and all the other charges. Unfortunately, I have to forget about those countries like South Africa, Japan, New Zealand because paying for five adult tickets and one child ticket will burn a big hole in our pocket

MAS holiday package
MAS holiday package

Now, I am really stumped on where to go. What will be your choice destination if you have an all-expenses paid holiday? Come on, take a look at the holiday destinations available on MAS website, give me an idea so that I can make up our minds. I have been to Australia, France, Italy, Hong Kong and certain parts of Indonesia and Thailand.

So, where to? Let’s say I dumped all my kids and hubby at home, I think I will want to travel to South Africa. Oh wait, if I am celebrating my second honeymoon, can I dump the hubby at home? I wonder if MAS has a ‘toyboy included second honeymoon package?’

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  1. I have loads of places that I wanna go! My #1 destination is France… But then, if it’s totally free, I’d love to choose a place where not everyone (as in Malaysians) gets to go, meaning places beyond USA, Europe, Australia, China…

    So my picks:
    – Bora Bora (French Polynesia, South Pacific)
    – Seychelles
    – Samarqand, Uzbekistan to reminisce the grandeur of the Silk Road era
    – Persepolis, Iran
    – Brazil/Chile/Peru/Bolivia/Argentina (any of the South American countries)
    – Istanbul & Cappadocia, Turkey
    – Scandinavia
    – and oh, Jerusalem for the religious pilgrims!

    For you I dunno la… try Turkey and India. Nice landscapes, people and culture.

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  2. I just checked the packages, no doubt, TURKEY! Great history, scenery, people, culture, everything!

    But if you feel tat South Africa is the place that you’d wanna go, then just go for it. 😉

  3. if everything paid for, I’ll go to Bora Bora first… that’s my dream holiday, and follow by Maldives, Seychelles, Fiji, Europe, Alaska, Hokkaido, South Africa.

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  4. Aiyah, 5xmom where got so many “Fat toad jumping all over the road” one? Whenever I hear this from my wife, I tell her to go and check herself, and she comes back feeling like you always!

  5. If all expenses are paid, I would opt for outer space. If we can send a ‘Touristnaut’ to outer space, why don’t we send ourselves instead? What is a million or two when we can afford to ‘burn’ RM5 Billion?

  6. ya lah..MAS is quite cheap lah..i’m going back to hometown this wednesday, and the flight cost is only RM902.00 for 4 pax, thru-and-flo some more..Good deal kan??
    If i were you..i go scotland to take nice pix of all the mountain..! Sejuk..sejuk..good condition for honeymoon..hehee

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  7. wahlao, MAS relli go all out to promote the deal on blogosphere ya, so many big blogger ‘one nest bee” blog abt it

    style SOOoo alike summore

  8. I’d love to visit Turkey and see more of Eastern Europe especially the Balkans. Been to Slovenija (or Slovenia), and would like to visit the beautiful Bosnia and Croatia next.

  9. Don’t go honeymoon yet lah! Our EPF money “tung kor suay” liau. Fast fast go read MalaysiaInsider article on ValueCap today. Guan lai our RM5B EPF money hor is going to “kew” ValuCap as ValuaCap needs to repay RM5.1B debt due soon to three debtors. We rakyat are forced to take over this bad debts-lah so to say. Guess who these three debtors are ?

  10. Ayoo, my ValueCap becomes ValuCap then ValuaCap…. macam-macam…..guess m too geram with them-lah!

  11. you absolutely have to go to south africa!!! utterly amazing.
    didnt really expect much, but wow, really blew our expectations.
    you have to go round the garden route. do a little research, and with the recommendation and service of a reliable private local tour guide, a great itinerary guaranteed. that’s what we did, and the money was well spent.

    ohyea, no service tax there, so make sure you tip appropriately or else their happy faces will suddenly change. very funny experience first time at a restaurant there. make sure you ride the ostriches too. and maybe eat their meat as well. lol

    if interested, this was our private tour guide’s site. http://www.hoerikwaggo.co.za/guiding.htm
    ask for frans venter.

    i hope you decide to go there. best holiday ever. love your blog btw 🙂

  12. Honeymoon?

    In a marriage there can be only one honeymoon; notwithstanding one’s wealth.

    Holidays? Yes, many holiday retreats, but one honeymoon to one marriage.

    Some marriages have no honey (money) therefore no mooning.

  13. Dear Lilian,

    Only in Malaysia, since that ‘old horse’ made a decree that we the dumb citizens CANNOT sue for anything because it could be a threat to the nation. The Health Minister says it is safe to eat Fruits and Veggies even eggs, (powdered or otherwise) when he or his department is not 100% sure that it does not contain melamine.

    Just look at ALL the Ministers. Just how many really went to school? Yoga bad?
    Magarine is Halal?

    Who checks advertising? Do we have a Food and Drug Safety Administration?

    Congrats and Best Wishes for your Wedding Aniversary.

    Birds Talking

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