I thought I am quite the smart aleck. So, I took an online quiz to test how many countries in the world I can name in 5 minutes. The first time, I got only 38 countries. I cheated and took again and I get 41.

Damn, I didn’t know that Scotland, Britain and Ireland are not countries’ names! How dumb. At one point, I got mental block and grabbed my hand lotion to check for countries names. I got something like ‘beeswax from Zambia’, ‘shea butter from Brazil’ and that gave me another two points.

So, how many countries can you name in 5 minutes? Take the quiz and find out if you are any smarter than me.

BTW, I also took the quiz on American presidents and I scored a miserable 8. I keyed in Obama and it doesn’t work. Yet. I thought Churchill was one! LOL. Shit!