I can name only 41 countries out of 195 in 5 minutes, wtf?

I thought I am quite the smart aleck. So, I took an online quiz to test how many countries in the world I can name in 5 minutes. The first time, I got only 38 countries. I cheated and took again and I get 41.

Damn, I didn’t know that Scotland, Britain and Ireland are not countries’ names! How dumb. At one point, I got mental block and grabbed my hand lotion to check for countries names. I got something like ‘beeswax from Zambia’, ‘shea butter from Brazil’ and that gave me another two points.

So, how many countries can you name in 5 minutes? Take the quiz and find out if you are any smarter than me.

BTW, I also took the quiz on American presidents and I scored a miserable 8. I keyed in Obama and it doesn’t work. Yet. I thought Churchill was one! LOL. Shit!

21 thoughts on “I can name only 41 countries out of 195 in 5 minutes, wtf?

  1. Lilian, quiz tu tipu you eh? Scotland and the Republic of Ireland are countries la. I should know because I studied in England and worked for a UK organisation for some years.

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK or Britain in short) is a unitary state consisting of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK, though. See http://ukinmalaysia.fco.gov.uk/en/about-uk/visiting-uk/uk-facts-figures

  2. Got 68. Wished I could type faster, but a few darn buttons were rather slow in responding. I guess my brain moved faster than my hands, hehehe.

  3. WTF!!! I only managed NOT to name 36 lah!!! Niamah!!! LOL.

    Malaysia is not a country lah, its a Banana Republic. LOL.

  4. I ‘returned’ all my geog knowledge to my teachers. KNN only managed to name 47 countries.

  5. I got 60!! Woohooo.. OKOK..I cheated..I got like 49 the first time and I did it again. HAHAHAHA..

    damn syok la..I shall play again till I learn the names of that 195 countries.HAHAHAHA..and scotland is not a country. KNN!

    sue me´s last blog post..GoMobile GoMobile Go

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