In the lands of Robin Hood vs. Robbin Jeeb

Everyone knows who Robin Hood is. The guy who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

But over here, we are not living in Robin Hood county. We live in Robbin Jeeb country.

Where they steal from the poor and give to the rich. Read The Malaysian Insider on Tony Pua’s statement on the RM5 billion.

It is disgusting.

Today, I met a Malay couple. They were distressed. A stay at the Government Hospital had left a trauma on the beloved wife. We know what public hospital is like. They are understaffed. Nurses ratio to patients is crazy. We cannot expect much from these overworked, underpaid folks. Waiting time for treatment is long. So, the dear husband decided to bring the wife to a private hospital. Initially, they have the budget. But now, things drag on and both of them are tearful because they have no more money for treatment and the husband and wife decided to go home and earn more money before they continue. He works sellings things ‘di tepi jalan’ (by the road side). The hospital knows that when patients ‘go home for a while’, they rarely get better and sometimes returned in much worse condition which cannot be treated.

I asked him if he could find any badan kebajikan to lend him the money or any welfare body (I was thinking of that rich party call UMNO) to help. Meanwhile, I was asked to tell them (my role was sort of a translator) the private hospital will try to apply for welfare help for them. What else can they do? In the end, I left, after telling both of them to keep berdoa and moga-moga Tuhan beri rezeki.

Sometimes, I wonder if all those politicians who are bended on getting richer and richer and richer have ever been face to face with really distressed, poor, desperate people? Or are they merely there once in an election year to give away cheques and then, head back to mengaut keuntungan dari duit rakyat. Sementara tu, melabur duit di merata-rata tempat yang langsung tak menfaatkan rakyat?

Looks like we are going to suffer more in Robbin Jeeb country. After all, he is now the president and the helicopters are not at fault. Think what those extra billions of Ringgit can do for our public healthcare and other public amenities?

Malaysiakini talked about the barbeque and soon all will be swept away while poor people continue to suffer out there.

7 thoughts on “In the lands of Robin Hood vs. Robbin Jeeb

  1. kononnya pejuang rakyat.. cit.

    rakyat sengsara, yang kaya lagi kaya, yang miskin lagi kedana. at the end of the day go shopping for more torpedo lah, infrastructure that non-existance lah and nonsense. wasting my tax money saja.

  2. We are reaching the pinnacle of Bolehland the last few weeks. I cannot imagine how these UMNO goons can in their heart choose someone who have so many question mark(????????) behind him.
    Then there is the Mongolian girl killer case, how in the world did Razak Baginda managed to slither his way out of jail? Goodness gracious!! Giving him the benefit of doubt that he is not the person ordering the kill, he is still “involved” in this crime and should not go unpunished. So, point learned from this event is make sure my next life, I must personally know the top ministers(PM or DPM) and you can get away with anything!
    The helicopter case is another “fishy” issue that PAC quickly tried to brush aside by confirming that there is no wrongdoing, huhh???? An idiot also can differentiate between the high and low amount and will definitely buy from the low amount, but our top brass ministers think otherwise……
    Lastly is the case questioned by YB Tony, that Valuecap actually owes it’s shareholders(namely Khazanah, PNB and KWAP) money borrowed back in 2003 for the same purpose of investing in stock markets. So, it make sense that the government would want to pump another RM5b because the first RM5b would most probably be used to repay back Khazanah, PNB and KWAP which in this event puts Valuecap back in square one, no more money to invest in stock market. Therefore, another RM5b will be needed.
    Aiyah, if this carry on, by the time you and I retire, all we get is IOU note from EPF………
    I am getting really TOOLAN with the goverment but the depressing bit is not being able to doing anything to boot them out!

  3. I know how it feels. The poor Malay students who score full A1s in SPM also share the same fate like Chinese, they won’t be able to get JPA to study medicine or some other important subject. Those under JPA I see here are all anak Datuk, father is working in the embassy, military etc but their result kanasai. They keep failing their exams but government never pull back the scholarship wor. These students use the scholarship money 1000usd/per month to buy new hp, go Italy, buy LV bag and go around eksyen eksyen. But in future, they go out can kill patients. That’s why the medical system in our country also bcom worse with such low quality doctors.

    littlepolaris´s last blog post..Photohunt 134 : Blue.

  4. LITTLEPOLARIS – Not only that, you should be aware as well our DPM and Dtk Hishamuddin(UMNO Youth head) own children did not even attend local schools or even sit for SPM or what have you. Their children all attended International school and will be soon going to the States to furtehr their studies…….
    Dtk Hishamuddin is the Education Minister, and so was Dtk Najib but why didn’t they put their children into our local curriculum? If according to their past statements, they claim our education system are top rate then why is it their own children are not in it? Why go to International school? Why go to the States? Why not local schools and local unis?
    Isn’t it troubling to know even our own Education Minister have no faith in our local education system……..

  5. We are all so farked…education, politicians, infrastructure, economy, etc. Yet on the news can still say that, ‘keadaan di US tidak baik’. You see the speck of dust across the ocean but not the elephant in front of your eyes, hold true for our ruler don’t you think? Double and sometimes even triple standards.

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