It doesn’t make sense.

So many Malaysian bloggers are ooooing and ahhhaing over how Obama has won the USA election. They write so passionately about him and how he is going to bring changes to the United States and the world.

Yet, in our very own backyard, here in beautiful Malaysia, they never even bother to do something about it. Why so over the moon with what is happening in the USA when we cannot even try to make the changes over here in our country?

Why I don’t see them ever question our own country’s policies? Why I don’t see them ever get agitated with the things that happens over here that affects us? Why gushing over something over at the USA when we cannot even lift a finger to do something here?

How about starting with making your presence felt in one of the many candlelight vigils going on around the country? Scared that SB took a video or photo of you and you can never find a job or apply for scholarship? But then, most of them are already working adults who don’t owe the favours from the ruling party. Scared that your friends think it is not cool to attend candlelight vigils when you should be seen at the latest club? What? Think that it is a futile effort to stand in the darkness holding a lighted candle for the sake of those who are in ISA? What?

Yeah, maybe I am on my high horse talking. But then, from a general point of view, I find so many posts about Obama winning. Yet, I don’t see the same number of posts about candlelight vigils or participation in any movements to demand changes for our own country.

So pretentious, ain’t it?