I find it so pretentious and idol worshipping

It doesn’t make sense.

So many Malaysian bloggers are ooooing and ahhhaing over how Obama has won the USA election. They write so passionately about him and how he is going to bring changes to the United States and the world.

Yet, in our very own backyard, here in beautiful Malaysia, they never even bother to do something about it. Why so over the moon with what is happening in the USA when we cannot even try to make the changes over here in our country?

Why I don’t see them ever question our own country’s policies? Why I don’t see them ever get agitated with the things that happens over here that affects us? Why gushing over something over at the USA when we cannot even lift a finger to do something here?

How about starting with making your presence felt in one of the many candlelight vigils going on around the country? Scared that SB took a video or photo of you and you can never find a job or apply for scholarship? But then, most of them are already working adults who don’t owe the favours from the ruling party. Scared that your friends think it is not cool to attend candlelight vigils when you should be seen at the latest club? What? Think that it is a futile effort to stand in the darkness holding a lighted candle for the sake of those who are in ISA? What?

Yeah, maybe I am on my high horse talking. But then, from a general point of view, I find so many posts about Obama winning. Yet, I don’t see the same number of posts about candlelight vigils or participation in any movements to demand changes for our own country.

So pretentious, ain’t it?

21 thoughts on “I find it so pretentious and idol worshipping

  1. It’s publicity… 😉

    I don’t really like him… I like Hillary Clinton slightly more but same same I doubt about them…

    Nah, Abdullah said “work with me, not for me” just 4 years ago… and now…~~

    but to be fair… many of us blogged about how Oppositions won 5 states and denied BN’s 2/3 majority in parliament, holding hopes, wonder loudly about the new changes in the country…

    And when US is historical in many way including rally turnout… We Malaysian also scored that rally turnout back in Campaign period, in the PROTES, 916 celebration rally, and also in candlelight vigil!

    The hype will go, and we’ve gotta move on, and look back to the country… Now let’s hope GE13 comes faster… 😛

    Hoyohoyo´s last blog post..Obama wins 2008 presidential election…

  2. A half-black man in the White House is fairly exciting a concept. It’s a bit like seeing a fair Indian DPM in Malaysia, heh heh (vatudu, sales of skin-whitening cream are on the increase, even among Orang Asli girls). Viewing Obama’s acceptance speech, I’m definitely impressed and moved by his charisma and oratorical prowess – indeed, Obama reminds me a lot of our own Anwar! Perhaps it’s fair to say that America has set global trends for so many decades, people around the world tend to see what’s happening there as an indicator of changes ahead in their own countries? I first read Obama’s speech on Anil Netto’s blog and was immediately inspired to put the entire speech on my blog too. You can laugh at me all you want, Ms Chan, but I feel a huge sense of relief that John McCain isn’t going to get a chance to further extend GWB’s rightwing politics another 4 years – the world won’t survive something like that. By the same token, Malaysia won’t survive even another year of Umno/BN rule – so let’s stop quibbling about Pakatan Rakyat’s shortcomings and lend them your wholehearted support.

    Antares´s last blog post..Ladies & Gentlemen… PRESIDENT OBAMA!

  3. Maybe we should march from Esplanade to the High Court on 15-Nov to see if the SBs will stop us. KNN, so double standard. Tiu…

  4. Well, it was expected and the ooh ahh I have is that the democratic process in the US is healthy despite what some documentaries are saying. 😉

    I’m more interested with what he can do next as the most powerful man in the world. Will he keep to his promises. Time to dig in…

  5. No lah, I don’t worship Obama lah. Just that he won and he kinda like the opposition in Malaysia, and he made it!

    This cannot be said about us, not that I did not play my part but as we are all aware, UMNO has too many “powerful” loop holes that even our judges are afraid of them!

    The least we can do is participate in these candlelight vigil once in a while or sign petition to oppose certain quarters loh.

    We can’t take to the streets like western countries, the big bad wolf name ISA is always waiting. Now, even in blogging we have to be careful with what we write…….TOOLAN or not!

    I am wondering off, but point is no lah, I am not idoling or worshiping Obama lah, can you imagine us one day a non-bumi becomes head of the country?

  6. I must confess that I love reading your blog.Fuck the politics. Can somebody please talk about how to revive our ailing economy?

  7. wat to do if we want to oohs and ahhs over Obama..it’s a wonderful feeling mah, it’s a wishful dream that we can all have more of, and..it’s such a wonderful escape from the dreadful dreadful things we see and hear everyday here in bolehland..when badawi claims anyone also can be pm what, when PAC says no irregularities in whatever whatever so no case lor, when this or that politician is found totally innocent of corruption and gets elected and re-elected to high offices again and again, when people protest over road-sign languages like it’s the end of the world, when people connected to major crimes disappear just like that and we are always given the “no prima-facie” answers at the end of each case, when we scream and foam at the mouth over the appointment of a chinese lady at pkns, nevermind if she’s qualified or not but just becoz she’s a non-bumi..etc..etc..

    to be honest, at this moment, i’d rather be pretentious and imagine that i am an american than to be constantly reminded again and again about my “pendatang” status when i have known no other place all my life…

    well…like you on your high horse, i want my time in wonderland too, if only for a few minutes..

  8. Maybe because we’ve given up on Malaysia. No matter how many candle light vigils, no matter how many lives are wiped off, no matter how many people go to jail, no matter how much we say, change is not something we see coming to Malaysia. Not anytime soon at least. It took so many years for change to happen in the states, what more here.

  9. I agree with what you are saying but I have given up on Malaysia. There is no real democracy here! It is too embarrasing to write about Malaysia politics!

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