Many things that make me go double-u-tee-eff

In one of our Penang anti-ISA candlelight vigil, we wanted to walk AROUND A FLOWERPOT! but the police did not allow us. It is really a flower pot and nothing more.

Yet, some people were allowed to march to the High Court yesterday.

I read on Malaysiakini that an Indian youth wearing anti-ISA t-shirt in PINK (yes, that’s what the photo showed) and he got hauled up by the police and then, ‘kept him out of mischief’.

Yet, in Penang, a group wearing yellow sash with words unreadable to us who do not know Jawi were allowed march to the High Court.

And even mind boggling is this group who wore yellow sash with Jawi is OPPOSING the use of Jawi and Arabic on some road signs at tourist areas.

This is a 100% mindfarked confusing issue that just makes me go what-da-fark.

And then….USA has seen change. What about us? Has it occurred to you that we do not know who our future DPM is? Could it be the one that runs the state which propose to give RM1K to men who will take single moms as their second wives?

I AM utterly disgusted by the report “Malacca may give RM1,000 to men who take them as second wives” (The Star, Nov 1).

The move is tantamount to selling off a single mother for the price of a mere RM1,000.

And talking about that state, one of the ex-MB whom was famous for the case which LGE went to jail for, i.e. having sex with an underage girl, that person is still around to making political comments. And he even got on his moral high horse and condemn Zaid. (malaysiakini) Haih…

I guess I will forever have the WTF alphabets swimming in my mind as long as I live.

12 thoughts on “Many things that make me go double-u-tee-eff

  1. And the irony of all this nonsense is that Jawi is actually Bahasa Melayu!! It is the old written form of the language so having sign boards in Jawi is the same as having it in the alphabet form of BM. Stupid bunch of idiots. Just ask any Malay who can read Jawi and they’ll tell you that when you read Jawi, you read it out in BM.

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  2. When u have a bunch of goons running the parliamentary ‘circus’, expect to have some goondoos running about in the streets…

  3. wow, i have to stop & spell slowly, it is WTF!

    Haiya, no freedom nowadays. U c your readers also don’t dare to give any comments, scared kena tangkap if they were to say something…..


  4. Welcome to Bolehland loh! What you think you can do, you cannot do, what you think you cannot do, you can!!

    With Obama’s win, the political landscape has finally changed in the States. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about Malaysia, maybe we need the same number of years to mature like politics in US. So give and take another 20 years for us lah before we can finally get rid of Bolehland politicians.

    I must comment on Datuk Zaid’s no holds barred speech, if he really and trully is what he preaches, we might still have some light of hope among the UMNO’s. But then again, at the rate he is going, he might not be in UMNO very long……

    By the way, just curious, you didn;t give the police officer a hard time meh? You should mah?

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  5. toolan – You mean challenging the police at a candlelight vigil? That is suicide mannnnn….Anyway, I am not the organiser, I only go for pikchures and bloggable materials and maybe help to bring a bit awareness only. Oh ya, pikchures of SB taking pikchures of us taking pickchures of SB. You get the drift?

  6. Drift caught…..

    Just joking on the giving the police a hard time, don’t want you ending up in the papers….again(for the wrong reason this time).

    But I mean you gave them the dirty looks, right? At least that right? He he he

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  7. some times i just have this feeling that i should really move away from this bodohland. it is so sad. it is my homeland but i feel so alienated. america sounds like a good place to think of…

  8. attention all illegal migrants fr West Malaysia, pls go register in Sabah to legitimise your stay in this wonderful country. While u r doing tht, dun forget to register for yr wives, children, datuk, nenek, anjing and ayam… we also dun mind paying for their welfare and sharing our low cost housing benefit! also consider applying for a malaysian passport too… u can get discount for new cars/houses..

    just read tht in the newspaper, thinking pui..might as well legitimise prostitution!

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  9. Err.. **speechless** recession d, sumore can simply spend money like nobody business.. at the end who will suffer ?? the citizens lar !! why cant they think of the citizens first before they make any decisions ? humm.. no eye see

  10. Jawi is indeed BM, as my Malay friends proved it to me during school. The juicy part about our PMR/SPM Malay paper is, the answers can be written in Jawi!

    But the instruction does not state “Anda boleh menulis jawapan anda dalam tulisan Rumi atau tulisan Jawi.” tsk tsk tsk…

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