In one of our Penang anti-ISA candlelight vigil, we wanted to walk AROUND A FLOWERPOT! but the police did not allow us. It is really a flower pot and nothing more.

Yet, some people were allowed to march to the High Court yesterday.

I read on Malaysiakini that an Indian youth wearing anti-ISA t-shirt in PINK (yes, that’s what the photo showed) and he got hauled up by the police and then, ‘kept him out of mischief’.

Yet, in Penang, a group wearing yellow sash with words unreadable to us who do not know Jawi were allowed march to the High Court.

And even mind boggling is this group who wore yellow sash with Jawi is OPPOSING the use of Jawi and Arabic on some road signs at tourist areas.

This is a 100% mindfarked confusing issue that just makes me go what-da-fark.

And then….USA has seen change. What about us? Has it occurred to you that we do not know who our future DPM is? Could it be the one that runs the state which propose to give RM1K to men who will take single moms as their second wives?

I AM utterly disgusted by the report “Malacca may give RM1,000 to men who take them as second wives” (The Star, Nov 1).

The move is tantamount to selling off a single mother for the price of a mere RM1,000.

And talking about that state, one of the ex-MB whom was famous for the case which LGE went to jail for, i.e. having sex with an underage girl, that person is still around to making political comments. And he even got on his moral high horse and condemn Zaid. (malaysiakini) Haih…

I guess I will forever have the WTF alphabets swimming in my mind as long as I live.