Lilian hates…

Lilian hates email forwards

Lilian hates email forwards which touch on religion

Lilian hates email forwards that touch on religion and curse her to hell for not forwarding

Lilian hates all people who forward emails

Lilian hates all people who forward emails which touch on religion

Lilian hates all people who forward emails which touch on religion and curse her to hell for not forwarding

Lilian hates them all.

(this photo is not related at all. This green field is now the New World Park)

And she wish to say it with style. Like the politicians in the Malaysia parliament, “Bloody bastard”

But then, she is not a politician.

And she is not allowed to say bloody fool, bloody idiot and bloody bastard since she was a child.

So, she surpressed the temptation to say it.

And her super-ego disallowed her to say she hates anything, anyone.

So, she get The Shadows….

which peeks through her blog.

Lilian thinks the lecturer who teaches psychology will be so proud of her because she knows how to apply the right term to the right thing. *slaps self for coming up with something over nothing*

11 thoughts on “Lilian hates…

  1. Hoho.. agree wif u too.. That’s why i dare not place my email anywhere.. hoho.. hate the ‘promised n cursed’ forward too.. i think God dont give a d*** about forewarding things.. Stop forward and ur luck will not turn out gud or bad by forwarding.. huhu…

    Nadia´s last blog post..Alone or Lonely

  2. Chain mails!!!!! Arrgh!!!!

    Who elected that politician lah??!! Words they use in Parliamahment! Sigh……….

    If you do not reply this comment, you will get ………
    Bwahahaha!!! *cabut*

  3. ggrrrr… I hate those forwarded e-mails which state that people forward e-mails because they care. what-la!! if you really care to communicate, pick up the phone to call or e-mail properly-la!!!

  4. I think Pasir Salak ought to be forwarded to the electorate for barking uncouth language in Parliament as a representative of UMNO – defender of race and religion. So much about his values and Yang berhormatness.

    pablopabla´s last blog post..Ah Chong, Ali and Muthu

  5. Yes! I feel you! Forwarding chain mails should be a considered a sin! A crime of the highest degree which compels the greatest condemnation!

    Holyboy27´s last blog post..Entry #17

  6. lets do what our government is best at….lets make all MPs wear smiley badges, while we at it, may be they should also wear badges tht say ‘i don call names’, ‘no money politics’, ‘accountable and transparency’, ‘anyone can be PM’, ‘ i get 10% discount on new house, do you?’ etc etc…

    JT´s last blog post..Poor man’s rolex – Seiko chronograph

  7. The Speaker ought to be suspended indefinitely for being bias. It’s bad enough that our Parliamentarians are involved in name-calling i.e. Orang Utan, Beruk etc. now they are resorting to stoop to such low levels of name-calling and the Speaker chose to close both ears….

    Pasir Salak sudah menyalak,
    Mencaci and menghina begitu angkuh,
    Tuan Speaker buat keparat,
    Hanya duduk membisu memaku.

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