I wonder how Syed Hamid is going to redeem himself?

He is probably the Minister who makes the most blunders.

He put Tan Hoon Cheng into ISA to protect her.

because police received information that her life had been threatened, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.


He took more than one week to come up with a less feeble excuse about the closure of the police beat base.

Conceding he made a mistake, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar today rightfully pointed out that if fear was the reason behind the closure then ‘we would all be in trouble’.


He put RPK into ISA illegally.

The Shah Alam High Court this morning ruled that the detention of well-known blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin under the ISA was illegal and ordered his immediate release.

Judge Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad said that Raja Petra’s detention was unconstitutional.

He said the Home Minister had not followed proper procedure under Section 8 of the ISA to issue the detention order against Raja Petra


And then, there is the Teresa Kok fiasco. That case had so much twisted facts, from eggs to dog foods to molotov cocktail to cerpen to azan and etc until I lost the plot. But we know at the core of it, it is Syed Hamid. Syed Hamid, the puteri lilin who often make blunders and melts when heat is applied.

And there is also the Suaram’s voluntary worker from Johor who was detained temporary and we mistook it for another ISA detention because they took several hours to clarify matters.

I am not very old and I don’t have very good memory. However, I do know that I have not seen a Minister who made so much blunders as Syed Hamid did. How in the world did we get someone like him to run the country, in charge of security? I am not being disrespectful. I am merely a very curious rakyat who just cannot fathom why our wonderful and great nation deserves someone like that? Does it occur to you that most of the unhappiness, injustice, si-peh tulan feelings we have stemmed from him?

19 thoughts on “I wonder how Syed Hamid is going to redeem himself?

  1. Perhaps its us the rakyats fault,we never demand for accountability for any wrongdoings. Or is it we are too short of memory and return even these idiots time in,time out.These idiots have elephant skin perhaps!
    Hope RPK wont be rearrested … Welcome home RPK !

  2. Surprisingly…NON of the BN Goons..MIC,MCA,Gerakan etc….questions his actions. Is it that they too are of the same grade and level!
    Such a Dooogggguuuuu Guy in charge of security!
    He should join the Royal London Circus.They need his services Badly!!!

  3. I suddenly have this idea, the Bloody Blunder Botak should put in jail for every wrong detention under ISA, a day for a day.

    What do you think ? Otherwise people just buta-buta kena lock-up because of your mistake ah ?

    Let’s count and see how many days he has to eat egg……….”ha mik nui”? “kay nui”.

  4. This Botak is beyond redemption. Should send him to Kamunting for rehab for his own ‘safety’…kakakakakaka

  5. good one LCTEH.Syed hamid is always inconsistent but its fun having him man.Atleast he filled the seat vacated by mamak mydin(Former misinformation minister cum laughing stock of the nation)

  6. 2 good news.

    A. RPK is freed !

    B. The lower court judge has determined that Anwar’s case would be conducted in his court after all.

    Down with the tyrannical regime !

  7. Wah Lilian, all the bervigiling got results ya? God is so good!

    Now I more bersemangat to bervigil.I would be away on the 15th.but you bet I would be back to lagi bervigil.

    The yellow ribbons and anti ISA stickers on my car stay put.There is more to be done, let’s not rest yet.

    Think of the loved ones of the remaining ISA detainees.They now have hope.We plough on, light more candles.

    Hope that RPK would come to Penang to bervigil with us!

    Hooray!! *jumps up and down*

  8. Dear 5xmom,

    What do you expect when you put someone that has Zero substance up there, he is put there due to his skin color and family background. If someone can go and dig up past achievement from this bugger, you will find Zero achievement. He has done nothing positive from the day he became Home Minister let alone as the Foreign Minister. I still remember when a foreign media interviewed him when he was the Foreign Minister, I was bloody ashamed to say I am a Malaysian coz he talked crap, reporter asked him “apple”, he talked abut “durian”……you know what I mean lah.
    Bottom line is, when you have an incompetent fool holding powerful position, you get “big wok” results! And like you mentioned, all he has done so far is trying his best to cover the “woks”! Maybe be will be known one day as the best “wok” juggler!

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