I went to the Botanical Garden and came back with 200 photos. I am not sure how I captured 200 shots within one hour but that’s me. So, I stuffed everything into my iMac and am now having problems. I am the lazy one who never back-up my photos, clean up some space or bother to do that eventhough I have read some review for Blaze Media Pro. I also hate how My iMac doesn’t run Photoshop so I am using only iPhoto. I hate how PICASA doesn’t work with iMac. I love, love, love PICASA because I find the photo enhancing features much better than iPhoto.

blue flower

There was one time where I wanted to partition my iMac to run both Windows and Mac OS. However, several people warned me that I could cause virus to ‘invade’ my iMac so I dropped the idea. So, sigh…everytime I want to run Windows program, I have to use my very pathetic Acer laptop that uses an external keyboard. *roll eyes* Looking at this technology news site does not help a bit because I can only drool.


I don’t have the moolah to get another laptop that runs Windows so now, I cannot go out with a laptop because I don’t think I have the guts to bring out a laptop using an ugly external keyboard. Can you imagine that? I think it will cause everyone at Starbucks to shoot coffee through their noses if I do that, isn’t it?

orange flower

So, yeah, I have to live with only iMac and for some strange reason, my Firefox browser kept dying on me even with the best Firefox extensions . Whenever I tried to use Firefox to surf Facebook, it gives me some script error. I have updated to the latest Firefox and yet, this problem keeps recurring. If I use Safari, I don’t have any problem at all. Strange. BTW, if you are looking for best Windows software downloads or wish to read up on the latest gadgets, check out the site on Gadget Advisor.