My rants on Mac and Windows

I went to the Botanical Garden and came back with 200 photos. I am not sure how I captured 200 shots within one hour but that’s me. So, I stuffed everything into my iMac and am now having problems. I am the lazy one who never back-up my photos, clean up some space or bother to do that eventhough I have read some review for Blaze Media Pro. I also hate how My iMac doesn’t run Photoshop so I am using only iPhoto. I hate how PICASA doesn’t work with iMac. I love, love, love PICASA because I find the photo enhancing features much better than iPhoto.

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There was one time where I wanted to partition my iMac to run both Windows and Mac OS. However, several people warned me that I could cause virus to ‘invade’ my iMac so I dropped the idea. So, sigh…everytime I want to run Windows program, I have to use my very pathetic Acer laptop that uses an external keyboard. *roll eyes* Looking at this technology news site does not help a bit because I can only drool.


I don’t have the moolah to get another laptop that runs Windows so now, I cannot go out with a laptop because I don’t think I have the guts to bring out a laptop using an ugly external keyboard. Can you imagine that? I think it will cause everyone at Starbucks to shoot coffee through their noses if I do that, isn’t it?

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So, yeah, I have to live with only iMac and for some strange reason, my Firefox browser kept dying on me even with the best Firefox extensions . Whenever I tried to use Firefox to surf Facebook, it gives me some script error. I have updated to the latest Firefox and yet, this problem keeps recurring. If I use Safari, I don’t have any problem at all. Strange. BTW, if you are looking for best Windows software downloads or wish to read up on the latest gadgets, check out the site on Gadget Advisor.

8 thoughts on “My rants on Mac and Windows

  1. Apasal itu air terjun maciam itu longkang monson overflowing ar??? LOL.

    You mean SONY didnt replace a Vaio for you???? WTF!

  2. terence – No lah. That lousy Sony Vaio! Don’t even mention it. I want to buy those small small laptops but don’t know it is useful or not.

  3. Since your Vaio is dead, are you considering getting a new laptop?
    From my experience, Japanese brand laptop more tahan lasak than those US brands.

    I think mini laptop like ASUS eePC may not be suitable for you because it can’t handle lots of applications well. Good for mobility, but bad for usability.

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  4. iMac cannt run photoshop? really or not? what abt PS5/6 tht use less RAM. iphoto is very restricted. PS Element is more thn good enuf for majority of the ppl and also cheap, it also runs on Mac os
    pls pls show the world yr external keyboard, I’m surprised u havent done tht…who cares what the Fxxx other starbuckers say abt yr comp?
    i dun like small laptops such as d eePC.

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  5. Lilian…don’t believe what other people tells you about running Windows on a Mac and can be dangerous. I do that with my macbook. I use VMware Fusion (or OS X Bootcamp also can) to run a virtualisation of Windows on OS X. Very easy. Then install a free copy of Anti-Virus to keep the bugs away. Good and tested free anti virus are Avira Antivir Personal and AVG Free Anti-virus. I personally used them before and find them very good and sometimes better than the paid ones. You will be no worse or better than the rest of Windows users. Mac Rulez!


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  6. hie. first time commenting on your blog.

    i agree with JC that there is no problem running windows on your mac. if u r running windows the FOC way, then its really hard for virus to attack ur mac os cos b4 u install your windows, u r partitioning your hard disk. if virus attack, they wud probably attack only your windows partition. so when that happens, u reformat that particular portion. furthermore, mac is running on unix base system. it doesn’t read exe files (virus are mostly exe files which are installers). but then.. by the end of the day, if someone decides to write a new virus that is able to blow up a computer running windows…. then..that i can’t guarantee. hahahha

    btw, which version of mac os x r u using? n is ur iMac running on intel processor? if it is, then u might need cs3 and above. cs2 and below wont run on a intel based mac. 😀

    maybe you can try to use aperture for mac. It is more powerful than iphoto n picasa, and since u take alot of pictures, i think it is an ideal software for u. 😀

    have a nice day.

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