First, I heard that Obama will take over from Bush next year. It means, several more months before they transfer their duties. And I guess there is no worries on Obama’s side that Bush will sit down in the Oval Office and start shredding papers at this moment, huh?

So, yesterday morning, I was greatly inspired by the news I read. I was rushing to class but I still have time to find a box of tissue paper and dab my tears away. Our Prime Minister promised that we can all be the Prime Minister one day. Of course, lest you think I was so touched with the hopes and visions of our PM, nope. I was laughing too hard till I cried, so I have tears in my eyes.

Still, I can dream, can’t I? Over at Facebook, Earl-ku and Sasha have been offered with hectares of land. They are going to be my cronies. My niece who is a pharmacist has been offered the post of Health Minister but she declined because she was afraid of the ‘cursed’ position. Moreover, she left a message on my Facebook that she is not keen to have her videos on the internet.

Now, who wants to be in my cabinet and who wants to be my cronies, faster register your name. You never know, I may be the Prime Minister one day.

*continue to laugh till pee in the pants*