The Sunday I ponteng church

‘Tis is the Sunday which the Lord hath maketh

The Sunday when all the good Christians go to church

But I ponteng instead.

Because I wanted to try the theory, “Bo lai ciak ong lai”. I told myself, Hmmm…I am so old already. Almost menopause thimmmm…..So, let’s see if I can die if I eat pineapple plus drink pineapple juice at one go.

Long time ago, if I do that, I can get period cramps which could knock me out as in black out, pitam, pengsan. But I thought, Hmmm….so old already, menopausing already, sure tak boleh mati.

I am surprised that my Malay friends (as in Arnie and Lyza) haven’t heard of this Chinese taboo. Usually, before our period, our moms warned us not to drink Chinese herbal tea, eat cooling foods like watercress and ‘sharp’ foods like pineapple. Maybe all those years of programming had caused my brain to subconsciously jumpstart some reactions. I don’t know lah…

But I do know is now I sendiri cari pasal. Got a dull ache which makes me feel unable to sit straight. I walk like a crab. The dull ache is not in the spine but at my ribcage. And if Count Dracula is here, he probably die of overdosing of his favourite drink. *pukes*

Maybe it is a blessings to knock me out completely. I have been lying in bed the whole day and am now using my external keyboard Acer laptop in bed. What to do….so boring without my iMac. Since I feel the aches when I sit, I have to lie down. With nothing else to do, I had been obediently studying. Fuyoh, I actually read through Sigmund Freud theories and I read so much, I think I am going to get wet dreams. Cos Sigmund Freud said we humans are driven by two things only. Sex and aggression.

Sigmund Freud said man will outgrow religion. Primitive men have religion to control the thanatos (aggression) and libido. Oh wait, does my skipping church means…….


4 thoughts on “The Sunday I ponteng church

  1. Well, I avoid anything heaty like honey and turmeric, cold, caffeinated and carbonated drinks (not that I drink much of those in the first place), pineapples and sugarcane during menses as I realised that all those made the flow heavier.

  2. Bo lai ah ? Never mind mah, the most mah jadi 6xmom loh. Just change your blog name only mah! We still support you!! hehe…..

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