‘Cos my #2 son is thinking of taking a bike licence. Jokingly, I said, “Why not I also join you to go for lessons, undang-undang (traffic exam) and take the test?”

Suddenly, it is not such a crazy idea because I do know how to ride a bike and sometimes, I wish I have a licence so that I can go into all those lubangs to take the pictures I want without having to deal with car park problems, traffic jam and etc.

What say you? You, my kepochee readers who always have the chance to say something but I do not necessary listen. Muahahar….


In case I didn’t respond to some of the comments lately, it is because I am really, really busy and tired. I got out at 10 am this morning, went for my voluntary work, came home for lunch, went out for funeral mass (Father Mark’s mom. He gave a beautiful eulogy that makes me…”Hmm…when I grow old, I want to be a mom to a priest too!” WOW, Archbishop Emeritus, Bishop and all priests were there. Must pray harder and I think Fr Edwin will be pleased to read this. Hehehe.)

Got home from funeral mass, went camera shopping. Thinking of getting a P&S ‘cos my son’s Nikon P4 koyak already. Back from shopping, went to class till 10.00 pm. And shit, I did badly in my exam. Never mind, this only makes up 20% of the marks. I barely pass. More exam coming later in the month.)

Worthy to note. Only one day of this running around already drained me. I met a woman today who works two jobs because she need to care for both her husband and mother-in-law. She had to have her womb removed due to cancer and is undergoing treatment. Fending for herself. Two jobs which she said she had to wake up at 6 am to cook for them, go out to work, got home around 1-2 am. It is an inspiring and humbling experience listening to her. Unless and until we really get down to listen to others’ sorrows, we never know how blessed we are. May she recovers soon and be as cheerful as can be.

She freaked me out when she told me she saw ‘three persons’ who were at her bedside last night, asking her to chant the ‘Omni tor fut’ with them. I know what she is talking about. But I didn’t want to hear more ‘cos it is freaky, ok? I fast fast look at the cross of Jesus on the door (the hospital has the crucifix on every room door) and go, OMG, I don’t want to hear spooky things! I think I probably changed subject or something. Whatever it is, I do not want to talk about such things because I refuse to openly say if I believe that such things exist or I don’t believe. Actually, I am scared shit of such things.

Later on, when I went up to the chapel to have a quick prayer before I go home, I fast fast keep my eyes glued to the statue of St. Francis Assisi and spent only a few seconds before I scoot out of the hospital ‘cos when I am on the fifth floor, I am all alone on a whole floor. Now I must go and reflect if I am cut out for such things. Imagine I have to be all alone at the morgue or something as part of my work.


So, back to the original question…..