Penang Gov – Can we mend the potholes before building one in the air? (Malaysiakini)

I just read on Malaysiakini that Penang State Government is contemplating :

Penangites may soon have the option to travel across their state by air while enjoying panoramic views of its urban and natural picturesque attributes, provided the state government agrees to a new transport proposal from an American company.

But before we build any castles in the air, can I bring them down on earth first? The stretch of road from Jalan Gottlieb where Hotel Waterfall is, leading to Penang Chinese Girls’ High School to Union Girls’ School to the stretch leading to Tanjong Tokong and Tanjong Bungah is filled with lots and lots of pot holes caused by the sunken sewer covers. The road is so bumpy. And to make it worse, there are lots and lots of huge lorries and trucks that ply that road due to the heavy development going on in Tanjong Bungah and Batu Ferringhi.

The part where the low cost flats for the fishermen in Tanjong Tokong is the worst. Covering the pot holes with thick metal plate is dangerous to bikes. And those lorries, they sometime stopped by the warong to pekena kopi and one of these days, some vehicles are going to plough into the back of these stationary lorries.

And can someone enlighten me why were the ruins of the burnt houses still standing there, creating an eyesore to tourists? There is graffiti that says, “Mana hak Melayu?” there for years already. Long before DAP won that constituency. If I am not mistaken, it was during Koh Tsu Koon’s era. Why aren’t these burnt down houses demolished, rebuilt or at least fenced up?

Gee…do we seriously need the canggih manggih transportation like what is mentioned on Malaysiakini? How about changing some of the traffic flow, check the timing of the traffic lights and create some one way streets to ease traffic jams. I know the PKR MP Sim from Pantai Jerjak was a highway engineer from the United States. Get him to work on the improvements lah, after all he pledged that during his ceramah. And get those police to summon those cars park along Jalan Farquar outside Boon Siew/City Bayview (related post : Penang Road system : Different Government, Same Shit).

11 thoughts on “Penang Gov – Can we mend the potholes before building one in the air? (Malaysiakini)

  1. Try driving along Green Lane, go thru underpass and out… I tell you, really “rock and roll” man… Kena twice. First time I drove considerably, and my car was like rattling after running across the potholes. Second time, I drive much slower. Still…. it was rattling. Darnnn…

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  2. Take care of the living quality of the people 1st lah. Don’t suggest something before solving all the other outstanding problems hor?

  3. wat i’m abt to say is a real story happened in a country not very far fr us. my cousin saw a pot hole, called a hotline tel. no. at abt 3pm, this no play play… next morning, we woke up n pot hole sudah filled.
    then different story in diff country, a kid fell off bicycle when he encountered a pot hole, sued the local council and kid was compensated for $15,000.

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  4. Instead of spending on useless helicopters, go buy one or maybe a couple thousand of those pothole filler machines with the wasted billions…real ‘smart’

  5. Looks like Penang is not different from KL – Korek Lubang. Perhaps the only difference is that in Penang, the lubang was caused by vehicle stress or inferior workmanship / materials whilst in KL, it is caused by new sub-contract projects.

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  6. pablo – And you know what is frustrating in the PREVIOUS Gerakan/UMNO led state government? They don’t tampal all the lubangs but they have money and time to korek all the pavement which are still ok and replace them with colourful bricks. You know lah…more tenders mah. That’s all now all suffer ‘cos no new contracts and they have to appoint a wira to fight for them.

    #2 – They need more money to send more angkasawan mah…

    JT – Here if people don’t die, they don’t react wan…

    tan silly – Yalor, the island is this small, so stop the development first and the problems will solve itself.

    david C – There is another stretch of road, I think Jalan Cantoment which is like a roller coaster ride. So bumpy.

  7. Talk about the Angkasawan project……After Government spent so much money on him, the Angkasawan is using his status to make money and the father is saying that his son did not get any monetory rewards like other sportmen. I am really speechless! And where is the cost-benefit analysis of the project? What do the country/tax payers get from all these?

  8. Lilian, a few weeks back i blog about living with pot holes under oposition as it reminds me of going through jelutong during Karpal Singh’s time.

    A few days back, all the roads in Bayan Lepas has been mend…

    It should soon reach your area…

  9. What happened to the research that the angkasawan did on the space. Rosak lio ar ? No news one.

    Potholes everywhere in Penang…real bad driving experience. Bad for my kereta potong!

  10. yeah.. and the road from batu lancang cemetery leading to farlim’s so bumpy and there’re lorries passing there everyday cause of the construction of apartment. worse still, even after they patch up the potholes the road’s still bumpy because of the potholes! got patch like no patch also. LOL.

  11. That one fella not ass-tronaut also lah. Not trained like a true astronaut was. Just a tourist/tag along.

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