Politics in Malaysia more interesting than Quantum of Solace lah

Nothing two Ponstans cannot solve. With two Ponstans, I can go to work, take exam and sat through boring, boring Quantum of Solace. Lucky the tickets are freebies from my nephew/niece or else, I sure regret like hell. Anyway, I never like James Bond movies because they are always too action packed and over the top for me.

I walked out of the theatre and cannot recall what I watched. For a James Bond movie, there is no flashy cars, no funny gadgets, no witty remarks from M, no really bad villains, no really sexy women, no charm. Daniel Craig is really a drag.

I was afraid I won’t be able to sit through the whole movie because of the pain around the rib cage/back but two ponstans solved that part. And if I failed my exam, maybe I can blame it on the pain, hor? ‘Cos my exam really tough lor.

So, how does politics in Malaysia fit into a James Bond movie? Well, if you compare the drama we have here and the movie, James Bond pales in comparison. M below refers to our country, not M the madamme.

Expensive planes and boats. James Bond wrecked some boats and planes.
M wrecked billions of ringgit on helicopters but it is more dramatic as those are money from poor taxpayers.

James Bond movie villain Dominic Greene stole water under the pretense of digging oil.
M stole our rice by increasing the oil price too much and we are all suffering still. And they stole oil money to make a few rich.

James Bond villian Merdrano raped and killed the whole family of Camille.
M here raped and killed our jungles by illegal logging yadda yadda yadda.

James Bond seems to dispose off every single guy he met.
M here whacked poor, peaceful candlelight vigil folks.

I can go on with more comparisons. But I think my pain killer effect is wearing off so I must go to sleep now.

One word – Quantum of Solace sucks. It is too over the top with the big wrecking scene. Actually, after Sean Connery, no one ever measures up to the charm of James Bond anymore.

P/S : In case people wonder how the hell I can relate politics with the movie…..There was one part when Merdano accepted bribe from Dominic Greene. He accepted a huge sum of money for himself and he signed a contract where his country’s citizens have to pay double the price for water. And that part sort of give me the ‘feel so at home’ kind of feelings.

13 thoughts on “Politics in Malaysia more interesting than Quantum of Solace lah

  1. D Craig is more human than all of his predecessors, the rest were like ‘ultarman’, cannot die one. i belum seen tht movie yet, is it tht bad?
    reformasi in M;sia is just not happening..dam slow one. so many controversies n yet still no conclusion, ppl want this want tht… want royal commission in this/tht, but when they produce lists of recommendation, none were take up..so what’s d point.

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  2. Wow.. Quantum of Solace was THAT boring? Listening to the guys in my office rave about it, they seemed to enjoy it. Oh yea, one of my colleagues also fell asleep while her boyfriend watched the show. 😛

    I caught Madagascar 2 over the weekend. A very wholesome family movie with lots of laughs.

    As for the comparison, how very true except for one thing, Mr Bond seems to be able to justify all those things he did to save mankind. Our M save only a few of a kind…

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  3. Thanks for saving me RM20.00. Now I think I shall go and buy the DVD ( or better,borrow from friends will do ).

    You are not the first one who told me that the movie sucks but with your review, it’s confirmed!

  4. I never did like James Bond movies.
    Anyway, I totally agree with you that politics in Malaysia is probably more interesting than James Bond movie. So interesting that in fact, I really think someone should make a movie out of it.

    It has all the right elements, ya know? Corruption, Lies, Unsolved Mysteries, Murder, Blackmail, Threats, Opression, Innocent people getting thrown into jail, media suppression, etc. etc. etc.

    It’d be a blockbuster. =D

  5. We watch Superman because he flies. We watch Spiderman because he can cling to walls. We do not ask why or whether they are real or not.

    When we watch the 007 in action, we WANT GADGETS, WOMEN and an EVIL ENEMY. Don’t ask us why. Niamah!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  6. si peh chan ah!!! The show is like a B grade action movie!! Girl not pretty (because always look dirty and beaten up), Nice car only first minute (after that teruk already), zero gadgets, villian like pondan, storyline damn blur, and WTF is the Quantum!!!

  7. I think Paul’s right.. there was NO mention (unless i had amnesia) of Quantum until somewhere near the ending whereby it was just casually said out… poor flow and i felt like the whole movie wasn’t connected in any way…

    but i still lurveeee daniel craig 🙂

  8. So far Craig has proven to be one of the worst Bonds. Doctor No was a classic and fun the other since Connery tried to be like the first Movies. The last two movies have been boring. Now they decided to dive in to the political arena thus sapping out the last bit of fun Bond Movies used to be.

  9. this movie sucked just as bad as that 3 hr poker bs casino royal
    no good gadgets verry confusing fight parts no good james bond car no good secks part james bad james bond acting james bond not respecting his ally’s death

    i hope the producer gets fired cause he sucks

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