I took this screenshot from Malaysiakini.

Picture 2.png

You have to make your own conclusion and guess what I am trying to say.

Richard probably can shed some light.

Apparently, the bloggers (I am not included because I never like to associate myself with any group of bloggers) in Malaysia have a protem chairman (though I do not know what the heck protem means) who elected himself to be the voice of bloggers in Malaysia. It was all fun for some of them because this person is anti-Pak Lah and especially KJ. But now….with the shift in the winds, I think I can sniff the smell of shit.

And that brings me to the question – We are like the chicken and egg argument. Which comes first? The same with bloggers. Are we a person first or a blogger first? Which of course, to me, I am a person first, through and true. So, why would I, a person, needs anyone to represent my voice? I don’t need people to clean my shit, thank you very much. If I have the hands to write a blog, I have the hands to clean my arse, if I need to.