Should I buy a PSP?

Tomorrow (Thursday) is D-Day for the 12 years old. The UPSR exam results will be released. Friday is the last day of school for the year. Then, it will be the long, long year end school holidays.

Actually, school holidays or not, my two children already skipped school when they returned the text books to the school. Without school textbooks, they have nothing much to do in school. My #2 son is already keeping his hair long. Once school holiday begins, he is going to dye his hair. *roll eyes*

So, I am thinking of getting a Sony PSP for the #3 son, irrespective of what results he get. Actually, I don’t place much emphasis on scoring As. He did ask me, “Mom…if I get As, are you going to give me a PSP?” My answer is, “Sorry, I don’t make deals.”

We have checked a few shops and I found that there are two versions. So, if you are a PSP owner, which version should I get?

Actually, we were deciding between a Sony PSP and a Nintendo Wii. The kids prefer the PSP so that they can bring it around. Moreover, my living room is so small, I am afraid t they will end up whacking everyone around the living room with the Wii.

Oh, beside this, I am also looking for a camera. I have compared Canon and Fuji Finepix. The Canon gives a lot of noise but the Fuji Finepix F60 (I think) with Super CCD gives terrific shots. But the Canon takes better macro. Now, I cannot decide.

Maybe I should turn to this SHOP.COM Helps Save Time and Money!. Nay…I prefer to torture the camera shop guy to prove me to which camera is better. He even surfed dpreview to show me the reviews on Fuji Finepix.

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  1. Get the PSP, Wii AND the PS3. Guarantee the men at home will be satisfied. LOL.

    Did I tell you I bought a Canon G9 after I sold off the D3? One month later they launched the G10 (NIAMAH!!). Get the G10. Wide angle (28mm), Manual capabilities and RAW.

  2. Below 1K then buy lor. The manual mode is semi only lah. The G10 manual, memang manual until can control the power of the flash, etc.

    Don’t wanna comment lah. You take better photos than me. After I kena tiu pulak. LOL.

  3. wei wei…. secretly, are u 2 husband n wife? or this tansri is actually yr hubby’s internet pseudonym. i feel like a light bulb.
    1 PSP for each, all yr children wil worship u! get the P3000, lighter n slimmer. ask d shop to it cracked with firmware.

  4. Lilian, get the PSP-2000 slim. got a latest version PSP-3000 just release in Japan last month, its faster and better screen. But got people complain, the screen got problem, and Sony says its a feature. I dont see the PSP-3000 in the streets yet.

    By the way, if you want to save some money, you can get PSP-2000 in Singapore, for S$199. Then again, going down there just for PSP is dubious. Unless, you can get your camera cheaper there also… then boh siang liau…

    What’s with 12 years old and PSP, one of my ex-colleague also call me up the other day asking which PSP to buy for her 12 year old. Is PSP a must have item for 12 years old now?

  5. PSP-3000 cannot *ahem* yet. Which means… higher cost because you need to load the disc instead of the program into the PSP to play. Because of this, PSP-2000 slim prices have skyrocketed.

    However, I think Wii is great for the entire family because of the family games like Wii-Sport and Wii-Fit you can play. In UK, they are putting Wii in some of those old folks home so that the grandma/grandpa can get up and do physical activity, which is good for them.

    PS3 is chun-la. If you have a HD LCD TV at home, you can watch BlueRay movies which are sooooooo much more clearer and crisp than regular DVD9 movie. 😛

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..Nightmare Colleagues?

  6. My 2 cents worth…PSP 2000 slim- portable. It serves as gaming and entertainment gadget and when you are desperate it can be used to online.Check out Sony’s road show, I got mine during the road show at a super good price and they throw in freebies.
    Btw, in Bolehland you can get cheap games …but be careful about “ahem”.

  7. Get a PSP look alike, made in China, fraction of the price and even guarentess playing the Chinese National Anthem and receives radio China eben if you did’t want it to.


  8. anarky – LOL, China imitates every darn thing hor?

    terence – Why you go admit openly? Now, I need the Glock on you too.

    grace & angie – Yalor, I want the ahem one cos it seems more ‘workable’ but hubby said get from Sony cos it gives the 1 yr guarantee. There is a roadshow with freebies this weekend so let’s see how.

    Thanks for all the inputs.

    JT – You are very observant…..

  9. Hi! Your post caught my eye as I was also comparing the
    merits of different gaming consoles (xbox 360 or ps3?).

    I own both the psp and the wii, and I find the gameplay rather different in each. Aside from its portability, the psp offers a more “traditional” gaming experience while the wii has the innovative Wiimote and motion sensors. Wii games are mostly casual games that can be picked up and played by almost anyone (lots of party and sports games). This feature of the wii may turn off more hardcore gamers, though. Some wii games also allow you to play online with other people. Wii arcade games and classic nintendo games can also be downloaded from the Wii Shop.

    Some other points: the psp (slim) can be softhacked and the wii can be modified to play gamerips (copies of original games). If you do this, the psp will also be able to play ps1 games; the wii will be backwards compatible with gamecube games (which is akin to ps2 compatibility in the ps3) (needs gamecube controllers and memory card).

    Something else which may or may not affect your choice: the psp has built in support for some video and sound files, while the wii doesn’t. Dvd playback on the wii can be enabled with a hack, though.

    So it really depends on the type of games your son likes to play. I hope this helps, and is not too confusing. 🙂

  10. If you wish to see good family quality time go up in smokes, get the PSP but my sincere advise to you after watching many families, with and without game consoles is DO NOT get any game consoles.

    Knowing you’ll do your homework on the good and bad of game consoles, I trust u’ll come to the right decision. ^^

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