Tomorrow (Thursday) is D-Day for the 12 years old. The UPSR exam results will be released. Friday is the last day of school for the year. Then, it will be the long, long year end school holidays.

Actually, school holidays or not, my two children already skipped school when they returned the text books to the school. Without school textbooks, they have nothing much to do in school. My #2 son is already keeping his hair long. Once school holiday begins, he is going to dye his hair. *roll eyes*

So, I am thinking of getting a Sony PSP for the #3 son, irrespective of what results he get. Actually, I don’t place much emphasis on scoring As. He did ask me, “Mom…if I get As, are you going to give me a PSP?” My answer is, “Sorry, I don’t make deals.”

We have checked a few shops and I found that there are two versions. So, if you are a PSP owner, which version should I get?

Actually, we were deciding between a Sony PSP and a Nintendo Wii. The kids prefer the PSP so that they can bring it around. Moreover, my living room is so small, I am afraid t they will end up whacking everyone around the living room with the Wii.

Oh, beside this, I am also looking for a camera. I have compared Canon and Fuji Finepix. The Canon gives a lot of noise but the Fuji Finepix F60 (I think) with Super CCD gives terrific shots. But the Canon takes better macro. Now, I cannot decide.

Maybe I should turn to this SHOP.COM Helps Save Time and Money!. Nay…I prefer to torture the camera shop guy to prove me to which camera is better. He even surfed dpreview to show me the reviews on Fuji Finepix.