The big bang that went out with a fizzle

I heard that the so called tennis stars event has been cancelled eventhough they have sold the tickets and erected a huge platform for the exhibition game. Well, I just wonder how this could happen. Why did they invest so much into the structure and such and cancelled it?

Oh well, it is none of my business anyway because I am not a fan of tennis. I asked my hubby is he is disappointed as he loves tennis. He said, “Nay…..Maria Sharapova already told me earlier.” Yeah…in his dreams.

I wonder if there are people from this region who may have booked their flights and tickets to come for the event, only to be told at the last minute that it has been cancelled? Anyway, this weekend is also the Bridge Run so there are lots of tourists around for the event.

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So, happy migrating to warmer climate. Meanwhile, I wish I got the moolah to fly to those places with snow.