I just had a very confusing talk with my dear hubby who is an accountant by profession. I cannot understand a lot of things. I asked him, “Dear, if the price of oil keep falling, wouldn’t that affect our country since we are oil exporter? And if so, how did the DPM comes up with RM7billion which if I understand correctly, he said is due to the fall of oil price? I am very confused lah.”

So, he explained to me like a teacher telling his student. I got even more confused. In a gist, what I understand is, the export oil price by Petronas will of course fall and Petronas will get the brunt. And the extra RM7billion is actually from our local oil price. The Government does not have to pay so much subsidy for our petrol, hence the Government saved the money. But we are still paying the same price for the petrol. When the price increase, we consumers have to pay for the extra petrol price. When the price dropped, the Government pocketed the extra money they save from subsidy? Tiok boh?

Then, I asked my hubby, “In that case, the excess money is actually OUR money, right?” And after thinking further, I asked the hubby. “Then, what if the oil price shoot up again?”

Anyway, I am very sienz reading headlines like, “Roti canai to reduce by 20 sen.” WTF man….How often does the regular Malaysian eat roti canai? I eat roti canai like once a month only. The way I see it, the 20 sen price reduction is merely an ampu-bodek step by the mamak chains of restaurants to get into the good books of the Government so that they can secure more licences or loans to subsidise their business.

Today, our DPM assured us that if the hypermarkets reduce their prices, quoted below :

If the price cut can be carried out across the board, then we will be able to achieve the Government’s objective of ensuring that Malaysians’ well being during the crisis,” he said.

(The Star)

Eh, Mr. DPM, may I point out to you that only average income earners shop at hypermarkets? What about our poorer brothers and sisters who are struggling through? They live on basic food items, bought from kedai runcits. Please don’t give us this rose tinted scenario, can? These hypermarkets are slowly killing the kedai runcit competitiveness and hence, prices will remain high in the kedai runcit and our lower income rakyats will continue to suffer. Please lah, Mr. DPM, see for yourself. Hypermarkets are placed far away from residential areas, you think every Malaysians can afford to drive there and shop kah? We know who are the main shareholders of big hypermarkets so we know where you are coming from. But as a rakyat prihatin, I know the suffering ones are the lower incomes families whom have no voices. So, I am talking on their behalf.

If our DPM who is also our Finance Minister continues to give us these unrealistic measures to counter recession, soon we will all toppled. Trust me. See? This is the reality –

GEORGE TOWN: Some factories in Penang are expected to force their workers to take either paid or unpaid leave and may even resort to retrenchment to cut down on operation costs.

investPenang executive committee chairman Datuk Lee Kah Choon said the measures were being considered to avoid losses due to the economic slowdown.

“We are aware of the problems faced by the factories and are taking steps to advise them to prevent retrenchments,” he told newsmen Wednesday after a press conference on Penang Cultural Fest 2008 here.

The signs of things to come in the near future.

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