This is one of those, “I don’t care how many posts I have made today, I just got to do one more.” blog posts. The ‘die die must post before I forget to jot down this discovery’.

I was blog hopping at girls’ blogs. Girls as in girls lah. You know…Xiaxue or Dawn Yang wannabe type of girls.

These girls rarely take any photo with another girl who is much prettier than her.

I notice they always post a photo of herself with a girl fatter than her;


have more pimples than her;

or a girl fatter than her;

or have uglier teeth;

or a girl fatter than her;

or have messier hair;

or a girl fatter than her;

and then, you can always find a mention, “wtf, I look fat in this picture wtf”, standing next to her friend who is fatter, uglier teeth, messier hair, pimpler face.

Sigh…thank goodness I was already non-virgin, non 18-22, non-single, non-slimmer when I discover this thing call a blog. Otherwise, where am I going to find a girl fatter, uglier, pimpler, messier hair than me, huh? Oh, never mind, I can go to the zoo and find a gorilla to pose with me. But gorilla cannot pan-kiut (pretend to look cute). Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma.