One observation I made from blog hopping at girls’ blogs

This is one of those, “I don’t care how many posts I have made today, I just got to do one more.” blog posts. The ‘die die must post before I forget to jot down this discovery’.

I was blog hopping at girls’ blogs. Girls as in girls lah. You know…Xiaxue or Dawn Yang wannabe type of girls.

These girls rarely take any photo with another girl who is much prettier than her.

I notice they always post a photo of herself with a girl fatter than her;


have more pimples than her;

or a girl fatter than her;

or have uglier teeth;

or a girl fatter than her;

or have messier hair;

or a girl fatter than her;

and then, you can always find a mention, “wtf, I look fat in this picture wtf”, standing next to her friend who is fatter, uglier teeth, messier hair, pimpler face.

Sigh…thank goodness I was already non-virgin, non 18-22, non-single, non-slimmer when I discover this thing call a blog. Otherwise, where am I going to find a girl fatter, uglier, pimpler, messier hair than me, huh? Oh, never mind, I can go to the zoo and find a gorilla to pose with me. But gorilla cannot pan-kiut (pretend to look cute). Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma.

14 thoughts on “One observation I made from blog hopping at girls’ blogs

  1. Yeeepp… a lot of these pretentious attention whore girls around.

    They just want comments to reassure them they’re not fat, or that they’re pwetty..

  2. LOL… I’m a girl blogger but my photos show me behind the camera instead of in front of it. 😛

    BTW… I’m a non 18-22 blogger and fat too..

    Ehh… Who knows that some of the girls use a lot of PS to get SKII complexion in their photos? 😛

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..Nightmare Colleagues?

  3. I think I only read their blogs when got hot hot gossips nia. Other time, yeah like you say lor, here pics, there pics, they have such exciting life but still they say boring. They are already so slim yet they still claim they are fat. *sigh and eat my sour grapes*

    Choonie´s last blog post..Jokes among teachers

  4. Stand next to the BIG FAT FAT MAMA and you’d feel like miss world, not all the bird’s nest in the world will make her look better than a retarded hippo, infact, I was told that the BLUE HIPPO from TM, was actually modeled after her.

    If Ms. Mongolia has a girlie blog, she’d stand next to the fat mama and take a photo, and she’d be telling the world “Gosh, Don’t I look fat and ugly in this photo?”.

    Like maybe they had already had such a photo while in Paris shopping with our money.

    – Anarky

  5. lol~ exactly mom,

    they wtf here, wtf there
    photo left, picture rite
    i buy dis, i bot tat
    other than bimbo bitch
    i dunno wat 2 col them

    in fact, its an alarming sign of shallow vulgar culture growing rosy among the teenage generation, thanks 2 the flourishing idol series n novel in market

  6. I SO agree with you..
    They always do that, “OMG, I look so FAT in this picture.. Must go on diet!!”
    Urghh, they piss me off so bad. And the fact that there actually are people who continue reading their blog after they “unintentionally” put down their picture-mate, just makes me want to tie them to a chair and set their wardrobe and cosmetics on fire. The world doesnt exactly revolve around your pretty lil’ makeup-caked face, you know.

    PS: You ROCK! =)

    Amelia´s last blog post..I Love This Doctor

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