That Bangsa Malaysia – Tun M vs. my views

I watched the news last night. Sometimes, I think I have tendency to inflict self pain by doing that. I know I cannot stand it and yet, I will sit through and cuss. They gave so much airtime to one UMNO fella from don’t know where criticising PR led Government. He went on and on and on and on RTM 1. He was given more airtime on the Berita Perdana than the ex-Perdana Menteri himself.

OK, back to Tun M’s views on Bangsa Malaysia. He is a maestro. He can weave things so well, you tend to believe him and go, ‘aha….ya kah….oh…cam tu kah……betul lah…wuah….gua respect sama lu Tun!’. But of course, one need just a little intelligence to know craps from reality.

He made it sound like Bangsa Malaysia is virtually impossible. He made Bangsa Malaysia like bastardising Chinese, Indian, Malay dan lain lain. Too bad to you who are in the dan lain lain category. Don’t blame me, blame the PM who ruled for 20 years.

He made like it is entirely Pak Lah’s fault that our country is in disarray. Elo….mau tipu sama saya kah? Pak Lah is here for only four years versus your 20 years, don’t lah rub shit on Pak Lah like that.

Unfortunately, this morning, I notice how many bloggers are star struck with what Tun M said last night. They sebulat suara said that Bangsa Malaysia is impossible because we Chinese refuse to wipe out our Chinese schools and turn them to national schools. They say we can never be a Bangsa Malaysia because kita olang cina ha…taktau ciakap itu bahasa maraysia wor.

Eh, come on lah Tun M. Being a Bangsa Malaysia does not mean we must put all the kopi-o, teh-o and susu into one pot and make cham-peng lah. We merely need to learn to be more tolerant of each other differences without the Government pushing into the unconscious mind of ours that it is impossible. Please don’t use the reverse psychology like, “OH YES…..ANYONE FROM ANY RACE CAN BE A PM.” and then, at the same time, plant all these impossible things into us.

Frankly, we do not care if our Prime Minister is a Chinese, Malay or Indian or dan lain lain (again, if you feel offended being dan lain-lain, blame Tun M, not me) as long as they are not corrupted, practise nepotism, hegemony (I forgot what hegemony means but I know Lim Kit Siang uses it a lot so I am using it to impress also lah) and they rule with fairness, justice, compassion without all the paranoia and master-slave, landlord-migrant mentality.

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15 thoughts on “That Bangsa Malaysia – Tun M vs. my views

  1. We always know BN-UMNO is the one who turn the issues into racial issues, then twist and turn untuk menyalahkan pihak lain. The old trick in the book, dont fall for it next time.

    We should be proud of the vernacular education system in Malaysia – that translates into more choices for all citizens. Instead, coordinate everything under the present system, what’s so hard to do?

    Singapore has long overcome the problem of racism, what about us?

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  2. When one social class exerts power over others beyond that accounted for by coercion or law, it may be described as hegemonic, drawing on the Greek word hegemon, meaning chieftain.

    thought of sharing what hegemony means. =)

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  3. As long as we have this field ‘Keturunan’ (Race) in all our gomen forms, sorrylah how can we call ourselves Bangsa Malaysia. We still call ourselves Bangsa Melayu-Malaysia (Malaysian-Malay), Bangsa Cina-Malaysia (Malaysian-Chinese), Bangsa India-Malaysia(Malaysian-Indian) dan Bangsa Lain-lain-Malaysia (sorry, don’t be angry at me, blame Tun M).

  4. Actually our MSM spin doctors cum a### lickers cum ball polishers cum whatever take jacking to stratospheric heights by eulogising certain individuals to god like status.

    Wonder how they sleep at night when they
    they “bury their leong sam”

  5. No worries, Lillian, we are intelligent people.Will not be taken in by all this talk by a retired, nothing-better-to-do, merepek to protect his own dirty deeds ex-PM. He is not used to ‘not being in control’ (of the $$$ and power).
    And Lilian, please don’t torture yourself anymore watching the tv news, especially RTM1. I stopped ages ago, to save my tongue from being cut off (for spewing those expletives).

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  6. Tun M probably thinks the new PM and UMNO will listen to his views now that PL is out of the way. He can’t be more wrong. The coming economical storm might just sweep many things away. Kinda make me remember a chorus…

    Now I think I know what you tried to say to me
    How you suffered for you sanity
    How you tried to set them free
    They would not listen they’re not listening still
    Perhaps they never will.(Vincent Starry Starry Night)

  7. on. i just keep wondering why these people (the gomen, politicians, mainly BN flers) always think that we are so so stupid to believe every single words spewed out by them..we can read them like a book but they still want to torture us everyday with their nonsense…

  8. Tun Dr M is now playing the unofficial Minister Mentor and his son’s mentor. He probably regrets his action but what can he do now? He actually destroyed the much system of the government during his tenure as PM.

    Think about the judicial crisis in 1988. Itu bukan kerja dia? Its true that Tun Dr M contributed to economic developement in Malaysia, it’s just sad that many couldn’t enjoy the fruit.

    If we couldn’t agree with Tun Dr M’s version of Bangsa Malaysia, then what about Malaysian’s Malaysia championed by Lee Kuan Yew? It doesn’t matter who is proposing the idea, the core of the ideology is, we must feel as ONE. 50 years of nation building has been wasted!

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  9. “Bangsa Malaysia is impossible because we Chinese refuse to wipe out our Chinese schools and turn them to national schools”

    niamah! i seen TOoooo manyyyyyy idiots agree wif dis sort of idea tat to have a bangsa malaysia, the cinapek kelinggui n the dll should all give their mother language the fcuk up, MT oso got alot such idiots lor.

    so does it means the world can have peace ONLY if av1 attend same kinda school n speak 1 language?

    cant even differentiate unite n assimilation, baka!

  10. For what the oldman did for Malaysia the past 20 years, looking at the positive things, I will give him credit for that and ONLY that.
    But the other social issues, I personally think he did not do a very good job. Instead, our current polarization was planted by him many many years ago and it is bearing the “fruit” now.
    We always look at UMNO and say that this is a racist political group, their leaders and so on but actually, there are many many bumi’s who also share that same view and ideology. I was in Chedet’s blog 2 or 3 days ago and what I read is really disturbing and disappointing. I am referring to Chedet’s readers who leave their comments at his blog(Tun M). The amount of hatred for non-bumi(especially Chinese) is really unbelievable, so much so that it reads like the congregation of KKK but bumi style.
    It also worries me that these group of bumi’s will be working together with our sons and daughters come another 10 to 15 years as head or senior employees of some companies. What kind of environment will our children be working under then, that is really frightening.
    I personally think that in order to eradicate this sort of mentality and views, our school system(from primary onwards) really need to be revamp to implant good and moral values as Malaysians, otherwise we will get thousand of students that behave like those currently now in UiTM. These UiTM students are not even in the working world yet, but they are already preaching “ketuanan” or “Malay supremacy” or “Malay rights” etc etc.
    It looks like an uphill battle……….but must be done or otherwise how can we claim to be “Satu Bangsa satu Negara”?

    toolan´s last blog post..Like father like daughter

  11. basically…what he is saying is that the ONLY way we can have unity is when every single one of us only use BM and also must be muslim..and oh must get rid of all our “foreign” cultural practices..

  12. On the issue of Non Malay can be PM, of course he has to say yes, looking at his own origin. But Pak Lah should have said, “Why not, we already had one!!”

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