I watched the news last night. Sometimes, I think I have tendency to inflict self pain by doing that. I know I cannot stand it and yet, I will sit through and cuss. They gave so much airtime to one UMNO fella from don’t know where criticising PR led Government. He went on and on and on and on RTM 1. He was given more airtime on the Berita Perdana than the ex-Perdana Menteri himself.

OK, back to Tun M’s views on Bangsa Malaysia. He is a maestro. He can weave things so well, you tend to believe him and go, ‘aha….ya kah….oh…cam tu kah…..eh…betul lah…wuah….gua respect sama lu Tun!’. But of course, one need just a little intelligence to know craps from reality.

He made it sound like Bangsa Malaysia is virtually impossible. He made Bangsa Malaysia like bastardising Chinese, Indian, Malay dan lain lain. Too bad to you who are in the dan lain lain category. Don’t blame me, blame the PM who ruled for 20 years.

He made like it is entirely Pak Lah’s fault that our country is in disarray. Elo….mau tipu sama saya kah? Pak Lah is here for only four years versus your 20 years, don’t lah rub shit on Pak Lah like that.

Unfortunately, this morning, I notice how many bloggers are star struck with what Tun M said last night. They sebulat suara said that Bangsa Malaysia is impossible because we Chinese refuse to wipe out our Chinese schools and turn them to national schools. They say we can never be a Bangsa Malaysia because kita olang cina ha…taktau ciakap itu bahasa maraysia wor.

Eh, come on lah Tun M. Being a Bangsa Malaysia does not mean we must put all the kopi-o, teh-o and susu into one pot and make cham-peng lah. We merely need to learn to be more tolerant of each other differences without the Government pushing into the unconscious mind of ours that it is impossible. Please don’t use the reverse psychology like, “OH YES…..ANYONE FROM ANY RACE CAN BE A PM.” and then, at the same time, plant all these impossible things into us.

Frankly, we do not care if our Prime Minister is a Chinese, Malay or Indian or dan lain lain (again, if you feel offended being dan lain-lain, blame Tun M, not me) as long as they are not corrupted, practise nepotism, hegemony (I forgot what hegemony means but I know Lim Kit Siang uses it a lot so I am using it to impress also lah) and they rule with fairness, justice, compassion without all the paranoia and master-slave, landlord-migrant mentality.

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