Actually, my assignment for the weekend is to watch Star Wars Episode 3 and the last episode. (what’s the name of both?) It is part of the psychology and spirituality course. I hate Star Wars and I remember I fell asleep in one of those early Star Wars movie starring Harrison Ford back in the 80s. It is the one with the ewoks or whatever furry ball flying through the forest with huge trees.

The lecturer wants us to watch Star Wars to better understand what is The Shadow. We are currently studying Carl Jung theories. So, I went to the ahem ahem and get the ahem ahem Star Wars DVD. Tiga dalam satu. But something else caught my eyes.

The Silver Chamber of Sorrows. It is highly recommended by the Ah Beng. He insisted the series is good. And blardy hell, it is really interesting to watch the Chinese feudal system where a man can marry four wives and beat them till bloodied whenever he fancies. Thank God I wasn’t born in that era or I would turn into a pengkid for escape. Nancy Sit is the first wife and she has to control the family which includes her husband three other wives, her husband’s brother who has an affair with one of the wife and other saucy things.

So, yeah, my sons have declared I am now a real potato couch. What they didn’t know is I am studying psychology, you know?