Do you think it is too early for me to change my blog theme to a Christmas theme? The shopping malls already put up Christmas decorations. So, I am really tempted to put a Christmas theme along with my annual snowfall.


Anyway…we went to KDU this afternoon and while waiting for my eldest son to run some errants, hubby and I sat in the car and did some chicks watching.

So, I told him, “Dear, I think you will go bankrupt if I give you four daughters.”


Once you are married for so long, you do not need to explain much ‘cos your other half will automatically receive the rest of the message through psychic transfer.

He said, “Chey….they can wear pasar malam clothes.”

I told him, “My daughters don’t wear pasar malam clothes one, ok?”


I go on, “Wuah, imagine the amount of cosmetics, handbags, shoes, bras, bullets (tampon), clothes, accessories we have to spend if we have four daughters instead. At least our sons all cincai bochap, can wear hands-me-down clothings.”


So, yeah, on this weekend, I thank God I have four sons who are not high maintenance. Otherwise, all my Bobbi Brown, SKII and skin supplements budget will be spent on daughters. Wah piang….I wonder how parents with lots of girls in the family cope with their shopping and spending habits?