Penang candlelight vigil – One detained?

I didn’t go to the candlelight vigil tonight because I forgot all about it. I thought it is tomorrow night as I mixed up the date.

Unfortunately, I heard one person was detained :

Singer-guitarist Paula was detained by police as the Abolish ISA vigil in Penang drew to a close after 8.30 pm.
She is believed to have been taken to the Patani Road police station to have her statement recorded.

Anyone has feedback? I hope it is nothing serious like the one in KL?

5 thoughts on “Penang candlelight vigil – One detained?

  1. We were there tonite and yes the SB guys and some FRUs in full ‘combat gear were there when we were finishing the last song ‘Sing A Song of Freedom’.

    Didn’t realize that anyone was detained as we were told to disperse. As we were leaving the place, people were still standing around.

    The atmosphere didn’t have the oomph kind of feeling as the previous candlelight vigils. must have been caused by the incident in PJ…Tiu!

  2. Next time they will come with their water cannons to douse our candlelights liao KNN.

    What other songs are we not allowed to sing besides ‘Negaraku’ and ‘Sing A Song of Freedom’? Rihanna’s ‘My Umbrella’, perhaps..

  3. Next time we should wear masks (i mean the full face 1) to demonstrations! What’s the point of detaining the emcee when there was a peaceful demonstration, no commotion, no bloodshed?

    Now I’m a member of Amnesty International and I can always highlight these issues.

    boon kheng´s last blog post..Nuisance

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