My grand nephews and niece

My eldest sister has three grandkids in a span of three months. The most recent one is my niece, her third daughter. The baby Shin Yuen is about 6-7 weeks already but I didn’t post the photos earlier ‘cos the baby’s daddy just joined Facebook and I can now steal the photos to show off.

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This is the niece who got married in Melaka. The wedding pictures here.

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You say the daddy (my niece’s husband lah) got look a little bit like Joe Ma? Hehehe. Baby Shin Yuen is only 6 weeks and he was already so inquisitive. They came back last week and I finally get to meet him for the first time.

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Meanwhile, this is the eldest of the three babies. She, Yen Ying is my sister’s second daugther’s baby girl. She is so sweet and adorable. This is an older post when she was younger – grandaunt 5xmom. Babies grow up so fast, when you are not the one changing the diapers and doing the night feeding. Hehehe.

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And this is baby Adriel who is my eldest nephew’s son. Adriel is younger than Yen Ying.

The next time when both Adriel and Shin Yuen (both are from KL) come back to Penang, I wonder how I am going to carry three babies at one go? Maybe by then, all three can crawl already and I can place one on my head?

See? I already have so many grand nephews and nieces, so by the time I really become grandma, I will have phobia of changing diapers and feeding. Just give me cute, cute, sweet, sweet, clean, clean, nice nice smell babies to play for a while enough already, thank you very much.

8 thoughts on “My grand nephews and niece

  1. My nephew just came to my house. He cried so loud I think because he’s sleepy. Now I have phobia of putting baby to sleep. O_O”

  2. Lil, I saw her EBM on FB …goodness much.. they looked so fat n creamy in those plastic bags ….. so much production at 7 weeks … amazing!!!!!! Congratulations to her!!!

  3. kadusmama – Eh, tak nak lah…Give me nice nice smell babies cukup lah. I dah enough of green, sticky poo ordeal lah.

    tie – Yalah, babies are all so nice to cubit cubit.

    logicyuan – Go beranak one lah….faster.

    lyza – Yalar, terror punya supply, kan?

    bryan – Cannot phobia, next time you kena sindiri jaga also.

  4. I agree. If you are not the person who change diaper and jaga malam, you will not realise that time pass so slow. Jaga 1 day is like 1 month and you will ask how come the time pass so slow and the baby still belum besar har???? hehehe

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