I think we have serious problems

I was busy downloading my photos to my iMac in my bedroom. I heard a familiar voice from the TV in the living room. It is someone speaking in one of those semangat berkobar-kobar style. It is really geli (not as in geli hati but bulu roma berdiri type) as it was way over the top. The person is telling some belia Felda that they will one day engineered or is it flying a plane or something like that. Frankly sir, nowadays, motivation guru no longer speaks like that, yo. They don’t pump motivation in that style anymore, pak cik.

And hence, I think we have serious problems with a future leader like that. He thinks by positive talk, we can definitely achieve what we want. He thinks by telling us we won’t be in recession, we will not be in recession. Good lord, I do not know what will happen to us and our country when he comes in power. But then, do we have a choice?

Today, I read that the Second Finance Sinister advised us to start saving money so that we won’t be in trouble. But I wonder if our Second Finance Sinister realise that his boss and especially his boss’s brother are advocating spending money. His boss asked us to reduce our EPF contribution. His boss brother is tempting people to spend by offering restructuring of even car loans. Nay, that CHIMP bank? CHIMP bank is giving credit so that we will all die together hutang to them. We shall all hug together and die together.

I had a chat with someone this afternoon. I said, “Things are not going to change, no matter how many candlelight vigils we have and how many people get detained. It can only be change if the top is changed.” But, we are both dreamers and we love the challenges, I guess. He said he will continue trying to change the mindset of a certain community. Me? I will pour cold water, hot water, cold water, hot water and continue to sniff for changes.

(P/S : To all the kepochis so-po expert wannabes, don’t preach to me ‘cos I only touch things on the surface. Don’t kepoh with your idealistic talk, ok?)

9 thoughts on “I think we have serious problems

  1. …… They want us to save more money by making us take more money from our savings (EPF)….. Niamah!!! Einstein also kalah wei!!

  2. The federal gomen people like to walk backwards… worse than crabs that at least can walk sideways. Only people walking backwards (or turning back time) thinks our economic situations are improving.

  3. Just watch TV2 12am new. Hahaha…I saw who the Pak Cik was. Yeah, motivated denial al a carte Malaysian Boleh. Another shocker on the news too….the flop Penang Big Bang is now scheduled at Putrajaya. I think that yoong lass did a reverse clinton on Penang folks. Very angry lah, such cheap shot.

  4. For some reason or other (or is it for some reason or rather- ah, its too early in the morning…) I am singing Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach in my head…

  5. This Pak Cik is the ‘King of Denials’. Remember ‘I have never met Altantuya’,remember ‘I have never advised Saiful’ and lots more…so now we have ‘Malaysia will not go into recession’.

  6. AnakPenang – Die! If it goes by his track record, Malaysia sure go into recession liao………….

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