Perfect World (Eng) Delphi Server

Selling level 92 male warrior with decent equipment and items.

Please email to jeff_lil_duckie (@) for more info. If interested, please include offer.


Actually hor, I don’t know what I wrote up there. I only follow instructions jek. My tai siew yeh asked me, “Nah, go advertise for me.”

So who wants to buy a male warrior ah?

6 thoughts on “Perfect World (Eng) Delphi Server

  1. lol, perfect world eh. nope din play tat. i play angel online though. i wonder how much time ur tai siew yeh spent to get to tat lvl. n which online game he move on to or did he get a Gf n focus more on rl. hehe.

  2. Ree Nee – I dunno you ‘ngap mat yeh’ also. Hahaha.

    orel – I also don’t know what you tokking. I only type what he wrote wor.

    robb – He sold a few times already, in USD and Euro. But hor…don’t forget my SEO dem keng, today I notice on page one already wei.

    eveleen & Kew – Nay, lately got so many new online games, I also lost touch already. Good also or else I am also an addict. If I start, I cannot stop. Right now, I am into TVB series. Can watch 5 hours per day, while blogging, of course.

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