Wah piang! Kindergarten in Penang so expensive

After a lapse of six years, I have to look for a suitable kindergarten in Penang for my little boy.

I have forgotten how many years old this photo is. If I am not mistaken, it is probably taken in 1996 ‘cos my #2 looks like he is four years old.  The photo was taken in April 1996, when my #1 celebrated his 6th year old birthday at Tadika Sri Kancil in Bayan Baru.  
(another old photo) 

Anyway…..after a lapse of six years, I thought I am going to send  my youngest boy to the kindie which my #3 son went to.  But alamak, the school fees are so darn expensive now.  They have so many kind  of fees on top of the RM215 per month, monthly fees.  Full day care is RM510, half day care is RM380 and kindie is RM210, where I have to pay in advance the fee for December even when my son doesn’t go to school.  Tiu lor, yam kung….RM2,920 in total and that doesn’t include the price of the uniforms and whatever chowahkua costumes they are going to force me to pay during school concerts and sports day.  So, sorry lah, my little boy is not going to the same kindie like my #3 son.  

(the one on the left is the same little boy in the first photo)

So, now I have to go kindie shopping.  Been to three and still searching.  At first, I thought of sending him to Trinity Methodist kindie but I don’t feel comfortable with the low number of students there plus the surroundings. My little boy is going to a government school with a class of 40 pupils per class in 2010 so I won’t send him to a class with 8 students now. Otherwise, he will get a culture shock when he enters primary one.

Anyone has any nice kindie to recommend? Somewhere in the Green Lane area. How come we don’t have government run kindies around ah? Cheap-cheap type. Like my eldest son suggested, “Chey, ma, use the RM2,920 to buy a laptop for Matthew can already lah.” Ya hor, then, just throw him into the public playground to socialise. Good idea, wei.

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  1. So, little Matthew going to kindy next year, ya? Mummy Lilian can go and take a look at Taska JG Kids in Solok Mas, Island Park, opposite CGL. It’s cheap and good. Both my sons graduated from there. Others that can be considered are YWCA and Trinity Church in GL (is this the one you went to? I thought they have quite a lot of students and the setting is similar to school building). Another which is a bit further down is Tadika Sungei Nibong opposite Pesta. Also not bad is the kindy next to Christian Convention Centre behind Westland School. All these are church-run kindies, so the fees are not so high and the teachers are more dedicated I supposed. Happy hunting………..

  2. It sure is costly now. 17 years ago its soooo much less. Kids get use to surrounding pretty well la. The kindy I went was just below the flat I used to stay in Air Itam. That didn’t make me anymore an extrovert in school.

    To digress, I realise our friend on the left in the third piccie is a Saint. Way to go!! Lol… That’s a good choice, y’know?

  3. Hi Lilian,
    Tadika JG & CJ Kids @ Jln Mas, near the Jap Garden in Island Park is highly recommended. The Principal, Tr Siow Yen & other Trs such as Tr Pooi Hwa, Catherine, Veronica etc, are really dedicated Trs. Their fees are the lowest in the market. Our daughter, Clarize, ‘graduated’ there. She’s the one who’s not afraid to shout ‘Free RPK’ during last mth’s vigil.

  4. Wah, my Missus beat me to it. JG Kids, highly recommended. Our daughter topped in the kindie and she’s now in the top 10 of her school, with no tuition.

  5. wah!!! as expensive as a chinese medium kindy!
    There is one of the expensive english medium kindy that doesn’t even have sports day, it has a concert day once a year…(all study, no sports!)
    Check how much of homework as well, I sudah pusing kepala with my #1(going to Std 1 next year), #2 not keen in writing, not keen in wearing underwear and shoes(only wear selipar) is going to kindy next year.
    More headache waiting for me 🙁

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  6. Lilian,

    here’s a business idea..set 1 up. almost galenti untung.
    in Eng Kok, my wife said a full day ie 2 sessions costs 48pounds (paid in adv). any sign of minor illnesses like cough/running nose…. u sure get a call fr cikgu to fetch yr child home.


    BTW, MIL is going home for at least 6 months…. YEAH..!! didnt even hav to use yr Glock, Sir Telan,

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  7. JT – Haiyor….don’t ask me to jaga other people’s kid. I get headache ler. But over here, the nurseries and day cares sprout like mushroom. And the sad thing is old folks homes grow equally fast as well.

    Wuah, kongletulayshen wor….Merdeka for six months hor? Don’t forget to shed crocodile tears at the departure hall wor. Need hong eu (medicated oil) or artificial tears or not?

    agnes – LOL, same case with my kids lah…..They hardly wear shoes, only selipar nia. Still grow up mah….

    pablo – Wuah, KL also so cheap? Over here, the Trinity Methodist also charge RM130 liao.

    bryan – Yalor, by 10 years old he can set up his own webhosting company liao. Hahaha.

    AP/Aug88 – Ok, tomolo I bring him there and see. Near my church only.

    kadusmama – This RM210 for kindie is cheap already. Somemore expensive also got. I wonder how parents cope if they have 2 or 3 kids needing full day care, wah piang, one month RM2K just for that. That’s why last time I decided to stop working. The stress, the $$ and the inconveniences. Thank God, it was a smart decision

    wickwax – Yes, Saints. But Brother Paul going to retire and knit (LOL) so standard will decline already.

    Domino – Tks, will check out the place tomorrow. The Sg Nibong one is just next to my sister’s house but too far away, of course. Trinity Methodist got only 8 kids! I was disappointed cos I had been eyeing the place, thinking it is perfect. But the facilities rather sad looking lah.

  8. It’s a sad thing that Bro. Paul is going to retire…but a Xaverian will always be a Xaverian. Oh went the Saints, go marching in…

  9. I know how you feel about the fees, they are really expensive. I am paying the same amount to the school as I am paying the nanny! And this does not include the uniforms, the sports day things, excursions, holiday camps etc.

    How la can we afford not to work???

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  10. erm.. i thought the church ( forget the name d ) at greenlane area – the lintang besi there got provide kindergarden ? i used to go there.. but that was like erm.. 20 years ago.. haha..

  11. Wow, I was actually trying to find out about Sri Kancil at Bayan Baru.My son 6th years old was studying in Seri Sayang Bayan Baru when he was five.He had a bad experience there so I have to look for another kindy near my Bayan Baru are.Any parent out there please inform me if there is a good kindy out there which doesnt cost that much a month??Thank you

  12. Fong – Sri Kancil is good. Well, at least they were good to my kids. The owner, Mrs. Dhillion is very professional and they use the Montessori method.

  13. Fong:I’m thinking to send my 2 yrs old son to Sri Sayang Bayan Baru. What had your son gone through and made you to go other place? Would you share the experience?


  14. Hi Lilian,can i know which kindy u settle down with?me oso looking 4 1 in nearby greenlane.

  15. Lilian, may i know where is Sri Kancil n the fees per month cos i’m looking kindy for my 1st daughter. i have no idea where got kindy near by Bayan Lepas cos i’m from KL. I had found 1 kindy ( Top kids) near by USM there but so expensive la only registeration already 500++ all include sport ware la material bag la aiyo headache.

  16. yea…I’m looking for a kindy for my 2 kids too… very hard to find a good one… n very expensive some of them… got one in Tg Bungah just enrolment fees already RM400 n not including the fees n material….goshh… any idea ? in town area.. pulau tikus..Tg Tokong…

  17. Kindergartens these days are really expensive , but just think , if u want your son/daughter to have a better future , everything is worth it . Money shouldn’t be a problem , cause we work for our children , don’t we ?? In island glades , there are many standard kindergartens such as (name removed by blog owner) etc . I heard that (name removed) is the best kindergarten and they are running many campaign such as promoting the love culture , good school , but it is not cheap … Lets think this way , if this kindergarten is not good , will they have 30 ++ kindergarten around penang , so this kindergarten is my recommendation .

  18. Hi Mochachini,

    Sorry for the late reply.My son said he is scared to go to school and insist that we stop sending him.I asked him for the reason but no responce from him.I went to chat with one of the former staff at the school and she told me that the kids there are hit by the ..t***…… if they do not act as requested .She had seen them slamming books on kids head.The comment from the t*** is that dont give the kids face or they wont listen to you.After 1 month of asking my son, he finally told me who hit him and for what reason..and that is 2 teachers , not only 1 of them.This is a good reputation kindy,it is sad I made a wrong choice for my son.He started in August and stop 1 year later but I had to let him cool down and lessen his fear of school so he stopped schooling for the next 4 mths.When he is 6 yrs old he had a lot of catching up to do.It is my mistake.

  19. Im also looking for nursery for my daughter.I went to 1 of the kindly bearby general hospital. Wah, is it so expensive, i have to pay about RM1500 for registration (including the xxx fees ) + 1st month fee. I was thinking, how can we afford if we are not working 🙂
    Any good kindy in Pulau Tikus area ?

  20. Does anyone have any comments on Tadika Tenby (formerly Sri Inai/Sri Pinang)? I was thinking of sending my son (5 years old) there and let him continue his Primary in the school too.

  21. Anyone has any comment on a newly opened (name removed) child care at Island Park? Looks pretty good from my visit there.

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