Pssst….I am over here….

This is posted on Nov 21, 2008 at 1.30 am.

Psst….I am over here, ok?

Sorry hor, you know why I have to ‘kwai kwai shee shee’ acting like a criminal, hiding in my own blog, hor?

Mou parn fatt, who ask my blog to be so famous leh. I tarik harga also people want to ask me to do ‘favours’ mah…..You know lah…the price of being femes lor.

I know I have not reply comments.

I am also kicking self that my U Mobile number don’t know sei jor hui pin dou. Die ler, I really feel bad that the number is not working. I have asked my ‘technical friend’ to get it working already. Fai tit ler….My blog readers must be pissed with me already.

Pardon me for not responding to comments because I was too busy studying lah, working lah, recollections lah (it’s a Christian thing for soul searching), watching Madagascar lah, shopping lah and marathon seng marn dou dong siew watching Moonlight Resonance. I completed them within 3 days, wei.

In case you wonder why I have those funny funny terms, neither Ingrish nor Bahasa, it is Cantonese. After sitting through so many TVB series like Silver Chamber of Sorrows, Moonlight Resonance and the on going Easterly Showers on Western dunnowhat, I suddenly start thinking in Cantonese. However, none of my kids or husband speak Cantonese. So, you can imagine how frustrating it is when you think, dream, fantasize (about Moses Chan) and ooze Cantonese but there is no one to converse in Cantonese.

Anyway….I have another 24 hours before I can make a new post on top. And also in 24 hours, I must pass up my test papers to the lecturer. It is a 2-page x 2 of A4 size work assignment. 60 marks for these papers so I must die die score better than the Sigmund Freud paper where I scored only 8 marks out of 20 marks. Phew…finally, I am not ashamed to admit I am dumb. 8/20 you know…..Malu……

So pray that I am better with Carl Jung theories. Let me get back to work on my exam papers….*Google search, copy, paste, change a few words, do more Google search….copy, paste…rinse, use and repeat…* Hahaha, actually, the lecturer is a Catholic priest so I won’t risk going to hell for cheating in my exam.

5 thoughts on “Pssst….I am over here….

  1. P/S note to self : Yippee! I got extra marks for submitting my papers early. I sent the assignment to the lecturer at 4.20 am IN THE MORNING. Maybe I will also get extra marks for being neurotic and psychotic.

  2. WTF!!!

    There is this thing called CHEATING lah.

    I am very good in Cantonese. Cantonese fried kuey teow, Yin Yong …… Bwahahaha!!!!

    Tiu! I think I better subscribe by email lah.

  3. Wah Piang! Does that mean my sms didn’t reach u r? I thought I’d won one of the prizes…in my dreams LOL

  4. anakpenang – Soli lah, the line works around 4 pm on Friday.

    Tan Silly – What cheating? Only 48 hrs mah. Wei, I scored 25 marks out of 30 marks. Proven I am psychotic! Terror or not?

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