Christmas Tree

The above photo was taken in 2005. My Christmas tree is 7 years old now. Bought it when Vincent was around in 2001. It was my first ever Christmas tree so there is some sentimental value attached to it. I can still recall how both hubby and I sneaked to the supermarket nearby and grabbed the tree, lights and some baubles home. We put up the tree without our three children’s knowledge and we surprised them one night, with the hall in darkness and the tree shining in the living room. It was sort of a payback for neglecting them while we were away at the hospital taking care of Vincent.

However, the tree is a bit too small. Now, all the kids are taller than the tree. So, I am thinking of getting a white Christmas tree. If we have pink or black Christmas trees, I would have bought one. But over here, there aren’t trees in pink or black. Only white, green and orange. Ewwss…orange tree?

I went to Tesco this morning and they are playing Christmas songs already. That got me humming along because I have been singing Christmas carols since September. Our choir practice started in September and by now, Christmas carols are ingrained in my mind already.


Sigh….I cannot make up my mind whether to give the Christmas tree I have now to others so that I can buy a new tree. Too much sentimental value attached to it because the tree is one of the few things that become my stepping stone in my journey to be a Christian.

So, let’s fast forward and I will consider it later. Hopefully, I can find some decent trees with bushy fake pines instead of those plasticky, pathetic looking ones at the stores.

By the way, I just bought a polarizer for my Nikon DSLR and took lots of carps photos the other day. Do you think my carp photos can make it to some Chinese New Year calendar or greeting cards? Greeting Cards are rare nowadays but hopefully they won’t become extinct one day. Luckily there are ecards nowadays and one can even insert video into those ecards.

Sigh….the flood alarm just went off again, at 1am. Hubby and eldest son now have to shift a car and two bikes (one very new one, bought just three days ago) to higher grounds. And our Naza is still in the workshop because they need to wait for the import of the module for the circuit (whatever that is) for the airbag.