**So SORRY lah! I didn’t know my line takes a while to activate! Hope it works soon. **

Have you heard of U Mobile? No? It is that funny ads on TV like the girl who wants to get henna treatment for only one finger and refuse to pay for all 10 fingers. I like those ads, very funny and relevant. Right now, I am paying for some of the services I do not need. That’s why the ad from U Mobile caught my attention.

So, out of curiousity, I look up what U Mobile is. That’s where I found out that U Mobile is the new telco in town offering 018 number. I like number 8 so I bugged hubby to find out if it is possible for all of us to switch to U Mobile because with the package, we do get nicer deals like :

– free calls to U Mobile family and friends;

– 1 sen SMS with U Mobile users

– other unlimited mobile downloads including live TV. (offers end Dec 31 08)

– 10 free sms for every RM10 we use (for a limited time only)

and we found out that this is valid when if we switch to U Mobile with our existing number!

U Mobile

On the U Mobile website, The Korean CEO, Mr. Oh says “you call the shots”. That means, I get to call the shots. I got an idea and I did the unthinkable. I wrote to U Mobile to tell them I am a blogger and I want a number which I can use to display on my blog.

Come’ on, how many bloggers, except the Members of Parliament display their phone numbers online? So, I want to be the unique blogger whom my readers can call or sms. Isn’t that nice?

And guess what? They really give me a starter pack! On top of that, I also have some goodies for my readers. So, if you want a U Mobile prepaid starter pack, top up voucher or goodie bag, here’s what you can do:

1) SMS me at this number : 018-3695810

2) Suggest what you want to read on my blog, ideas for blog topics or opinions you want to hear.

3) If you do not want to reveal your real name, it’s alright. Just give me a nickname so that I can identify and if you win, you claim the prize from U Mobile.

I guarantee your number is safe with me and it will not be revealed to anyone. And U Mobile will liaise direct with the winner for the collection of the prizes.

So, how’s the deal? You call the shots. You tell me what you want me to write. You get a prize in return. Of course, there are only three prizes, so first come first serve.

With the new policy where we can change our service provider without losing our old number, I am going to see how I can change my current service to U Mobile. I am tired of getting spammed with so many unwanted services from them. I just hope that U Mobile doesn’t spam me with unwanted services in all languages.

U Mobile

By the way, how many of you are U Mobile users? Any feedback on their services? I really like the idea of paying for only what I need instead of having a postpaid fee that I have to pay each month eventhough I hardly use my mobile phone.

If you SMS me within these two days and I pick the suggested blog topic to post, you will win :

FIVE PRIZES consisting of these:
U Mobile Goodie Bag and
U Mobile 018 Prepaid starter pack and
U Mobile 018 Prepaid top up voucher worth RM50

*sits back and keep fingers and toes crossed and hope some readers will layan me with a SMS. Put on pathetic look and wait…..*