Sorry folk, my U Mobile line activation went haywire and my U Mobile line just works.

Pai seh all your SMS-es have gone to China instead of reaching me. If you wish to win :

U Mobile Goodie Bag and
U Mobile 018 Prepaid starter pack and
U Mobile 018 Prepaid top up voucher worth RM50

then, please read my previous post on U Mobile. There are five prizes.

And no, Tan Silly Telan, you are not qualified to participate! I forget to mention that anyone whose surname is Loh, handsome, works in p0rn industry like Ron or have titles like Tun Tan Sri Latok are disqualified.

Now, can I rant about using QWERTY keypad versus the normal keypad? It is driving me nuts! My new Sony Ericsson has QWERTY keypad. QWERTY means the alphabet arrangements are like our computer keyboard. The normal one has ABC in one button, DEF in one button.

Can you imagine how tough it is to re-adjust to the arrangments. On top of that, my GHI/4 button on my old mobile phone does not work. The space bar button does not work either. So, if you get something like:


in your SMS from me, it means…

(who can decipher that? First person to get it right, I ask U Mobile to give you the prize lah.)