Actually, I considered myself way out of the league of parenting bloggers. The reason is because I do not feel like a parent to my kids. Instead, I am more the poor odd one out at home. The one that they can tease because I am the only ahem…dumb girl at home who is the butt of their jokes. Moreover, they are rather independent now and don’t need me to mother them anymore. We are more like buddies rather than mother/sons.

So, when my blogging pals from Nuffnang asked me if I want to go, I told them, ‘Siao meh….I am too old oredi lah. My kids are so grown up, so why would I want to go to KL to be with a group of mothers with their kids?”

But then, it has been a while since we travel to KL. In fact, I have never set foot there for almost a year now. Before I turned into a suakoo who never gets out of my little island, I better find some excuses to visit the newer malls in KL. So, I reluctantly told Robb, “Ok lah…I go lah, but please don’t expect me to be the mother hen, teaching young moms how to take care of their kids hor? ”

Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm

Date : 29th of November 2008

Venue : Kizsports & Gym, One Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)

Pax available : 120 bloggers

I never even kepoh with my own nephew and nieces because I believe we parents already have that parenting instinct in us. It is a God given skill, regardless you believe in God or not. We do not need anyone to tell us how to take care of our babies. If anyone dares to busybody and teach me, I will give them the middle finger (in my mind) and tell them, “Nah, come back in a few years time and let’s compare whose kid is better.” You know why? I notice that those parents who are over eager in doing things right, parenting to the max are the ones who brought up unmanageable teens and rude young adults.

Aiks, am I preaching what I said I am not preaching? Never mind….so, are you going to the Nuffnang and Friso Family Day Out? If you are a parenting blogger, you stands a chance to win a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong, vouchers from MPH and even a 32″ TV. All you got to do is to write a blog post and attend the event. Check out the details on Nuffnang blog.

And my kawan-kawan sekalian who are parenting bloggers or rather parents who have blogs….are you going to be there?