Save your code of ethics for bloggers for yourselves, Pak Hamid and Pak Rocky

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to some event where social-political bloggers, journalists and people from the media were there to discuss about conflicts and how to bring peace yadda yadda yadda with this medium of online publishing. I represent the ‘general bloggers category’.

Well, there are different perceptions about the term bloggers. So, after I heard the gripes and concerns of some of the bloggers who are writing about social-political topics and from the journalists, I told them point blank, “You are all out of touch with the real world.” One of them was complaining how her post was plagiarized left and right. Another asked if we know who are our readers. One more said individuals who blog should not get confused with their blogging personality. And etc etc.

You see, there are those ‘at the top’ who want to see a certain decorum with what we put online. Unfortunately, in the real world, people don’t behave like that and they won’t ever behave. We have our own God who tells us what to we can do and what we cannot do. But do we humans abide? Nope.

So, in this real world, every Tom, Dick and Harry, dogs and cats can be a blogger. We have mental people who are bloggers. We have racists who are bloggers. We terrorists who are bloggers too.

Tell me how are you going to rope in all the people, cats and dogs who blog into one umbrella body and give us a list of ‘dos and don’ts’ of blogging? How do you define bloggers?

So, in my opinion, save your ideas for yourself, Rocky Bru. Please remember that just because you name yourself the pro-tem president of wateva alliance blogger, you don’t represent me. Get used to it. We blog because we can. And we do not need anyone to motherhen us bloggers.

National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) pro-tem president Ahirudin Attan said a code of ethics for bloggers should be formulated without government interference.

“The biggest problem in blogging today is that the proverbial pen or in this case keyboard is mightier than the sword.

(The Star)

And I must remind myself that I have always dislike people who bodek. Like certain bloggers who really use their blogs to bodek the balls of their favoured politicians.

Do read Susan Loone’s post on her opinions on Code of ethics from an unethical character? Forget it!

10 thoughts on “Save your code of ethics for bloggers for yourselves, Pak Hamid and Pak Rocky

  1. They can do whatever they like. But no one actually would adhere to it, coz it’s just dim-witted. I won’t be suprised if they came out something with 998986916298436 codes for bloggers to follow and bloggers are supposed to go through the checklist with all the 998986916298436 codes before clicking the ‘publish’ key.

    ps: I’m a new follower of your blog and I love it.

    aD´s last blog post..Why Blog?

  2. AD – The egoistic folks who are bloggers cannot wait to make themselves the king of the blogosphere so that’s why they come up with all these ideas. More like they want to gain favour with the incoming leaders. And thanks for visiting!

  3. Dear Rockie,
    This is to confirm that you do NOT represent us bloggers. Since when you were voted by us?
    Blogging is private. Remember this, we blog privately. It is you that came into our blog everytime you key in our blog address. The blogsphere is not owned by the Gormen or you for that matter so get the shit out of our life.

    We do not need another ‘council’ to control us. The entire world IS watching how stupid are Malaysians getting into. Talk about “World Class”, Super Corridor, Multimedia shit!!! da Fuck!

    Birds Talking

    Birds Talking Too´s last blog post..Just what da fuck is wrong with us?

  4. There are millions of bloggers worldwide and probably thousands after thousands in Malaysia.
    So, if we don’t adhere, are they are gonna track us down and throw us into kamunting issit?
    Ethic shmatic. They can shove it up their @$$!
    They are the ones who should learn about ethics first.

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  5. Foong – It is the photo I beh tahan. Niamah, so serious like they got a solution to shut us up likedat.

    chuan – Yay! Thank you.

  6. We are not the Muskeeteers, one for all and all for one. Blogging to me, is like writing a diary of my thoughts on current issues. It’s my dairy and my thoughts. Rocky and co cannot try to invade my thoughts and tell me what to do and what not to do.

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  7. I’m a bit late in in posting mine, but I just can’t believe that Mr Shxt What Sinister is tokking kok again… every word he uttered is bullshxt. Well, that’s an understatement. But I guess, if the code is up, there will be many double-standard cases where toyol and khinzir jahanam will be alright to blog his way, but not for SassyMP or LimKitSiang or JeffOoi or… Enough said as I ranted enough in mine.

    P.S. I felt much cooler reading your blog… Oooooohhh… I missed real snowflakes!! 🙂

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