Firstly, I wonder why Malaysiakini did not feature the issues on bloggers’ ethics or this latest news that Pahang Government is hiring bloggers?

I don’t know to laugh or to apply for a job with the Pahang Government. Well….what’s with this craze and paranoia on getting bloggers to do white washing?

Pahang govt recruits pensioners as bloggers

TEMERLOH: The Pahang Government has appointed three pensioners as bloggers to thwart slanderous comments and allegations posted on the Internet.

State Information, Science, Technology and Innovation Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin said the bloggers, who would be paid allowances, would be provided with computers and the Internet access in their homes.

The pensioners can capitalise on their experience to explain the actual situation to the people besides providing feedback and opinions to the Government, he told reporters after attending the Senior Citizens Day organised by the Pahang Chapter of the Malaysian Government Pensioners’ Association here on Sunday.

(The Star)

With all due respect to pensioners and senior citizens, I think this is really a sign that our ruling political parties are getting paranoid. They can hire a thousand pensioners to write a thousand blogs but will we hear and believe them?

Haih…this is one of those things that make you go WTF.

And just to gloat, our Penang Government doesn’t even need to hire bloggers to whitewash for them. A lone, independent blogger can make the CM looks good with just one blog. (see the 3rd results?)

To all the Yang Berhormats and Yang Bermimpi, having a blog is not the same as having respect. Owning a blog does not make you rule the blogosphere. Hiring people to blog is not blogging. It is call ampu bodek, poh lam par, boleh paham? If you do not want bad publicity, simple. Just don’t do bad and stupid things that make the rest of us Malaysians go WTF and spew our disdains on our blogs.

And if you wonder what RockyBru has in mind about bloggers’ ethics, this is what he said on his blog comment :

Rocky’s Bru said…

Dear HMB,

I don’t know what Syed Hamid has in mind when he proposed a Code of Ethics, but to me it’s a list of should and shouldn’ts (as opposed to dos and donts).

Eg Ethics #1 – Blogger should ensure the truth of what he posts.
I don’t think I’d call that a compromise at all. We are all for the truth. Or are we?

Eg Ethics #2 – Blogger should not fabricate, like claiming she has slept with someone she hasn’t slept with. Why? A blogger in the US did just that and was sued for defamation.

Or something like that!

And this is what I have to retort – Pordah, lu ingat lu siapa? Who the hell died and appointed you?