Looks good on the outside……..

I baked this Italian bread today. It takes me two days because it needs to be proved the first time and then, kept in the fridge overnight. Got the recipe from some Italian website.


So, it looks super beautiful. This is what they call artisan bread in the United States. The kind of bread that is above the rest of the breads. The snobbish people bread.

bacon bread

To make the bread looks expensive, I scattered rosemary, bacon, sunflower seeds and poppy seeds on it. The end product is really beautiful and I enjoyed taking pictures of the lump of flour.

That brings me to my main topic. What looks good on the outside does not necessary mean the inside is good too. The bread looks good but the taste is just like another bread, nothing special.

Am griping about someone, actually. Driving big car, staying in big condominium but owing money all around. I wonder if we can ever get back the five digits he owed us? Recently, he sold off his sparkling big car and he called and asked if hubby has a spare car to lend to him. I was pissed of course. Think we are car rental company or the Salvation Army? It is not like we own a fleet of cars like this company with New Mercedes DC which has all the types of brand new Mercedes.

Our other family car is still in the workshop because the circuit module or something that controls the airbag has to be imported from Korea and the insurance company still have not approved the change of aircond compressor. And the bugger still wants to borrow our one and only car! Hrrmmpph!

One thought on “Looks good on the outside……..

  1. i very scared lend money to ppl oso. last time i lend money to someone very close bcos he got medical emergency.
    but now he go and live his lavish life and duwan to pay me up
    my wife somemore everyday pester me go and ask him back for the money
    i need more threatening strategy dy

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