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For posterity sake

20th anniversary

The man tattooed the papaya and asked his son to bring it to me at midnight last night. I was in my room and this little boy came in with a papaya. I told him, “You want papaya, go ask your father cut for you, mommy doesn’t like to cut papaya.”

He said, “Mommy!! Look!!!!”

Awww….so sweet.

Then, I took the papaya and told the other sons, “Is your father is hinting I got papayas?” And we had a good laugh with all the action of papayas hanging as saggy boobs.

Since watching Madagascar 2, they had been poking fun at me. You know, in the movie, Gloria the hippo is really fat and they told me I am like Gloria. Whenever I am squeezed in between #2 and #3 in the tiny Persona, they will poke my Michelin tyres from left and right and then sing, “I like them chunky…chunky, chunky, plumpy, plumpy” Arrggh…sons!


I forced everyone to sit down and take a family photo using my tripod. But after 6-7 photos, I still couldn’t get any proper ones. So, here is one for posterity sake.


And another one.

20 years later, I shall come back to this post and compare pictures. That is if still exists.


And dinner was yakiniku.

11 Responses to “For posterity sake”

  1. Hey.. today is my brother in law 7th wedding anniversary too. Happy Anniversary to you and 5xdad.

    Choonie´s last blog post..Happy Birthday Hubby

  2. What a fruity gift for 20 years of fruitful years together. Happy Anniversary to both 5X Mommy and Daddy.

    sweet jasmine´s last blog post..A Taste of Orange In a Cake…..

  3. Ayooo..few days only didn’t come many things i miss already!!
    Well just want to wish you and ur hubby a wonderful Anniversary!! and don’t bother about the papaya!! hehehe

  4. Happy Anniversary the 5xcouple!

    The yakiniku looks like bak kua.

    Bryan´s last blog post..When Fish Is Recognized As Sex, In iPhone Google Voice Search

  5. Happy 20th Anniversary, 5xmom and 5xdad!!

  6. I hope I’m not too late for this: Happy 20th anniversary!

    kyh´s last blog post..Charms of Kelate

  7. Hapy 20th Wedding Anniversary, Lilian. It’s so sweet. Hope you & hubby will have many more years ahead together as a loving couple! 🙂

  8. Happy 20th Anniversary!!!

    Cya again ovr here on yr 50th Wedding Anniversary

  9. Happy Anniversary. You guys look cute together. 😀 The little bro can sayang the big bro summore 😀 Btw, yr hubby spelt “anniversary” wrongly 😛

    whimsicaljottings´s last blog post..Going ape over AirAsia

  10. whimsical – Yahor, I also never notice. That one is not a sayang but ‘I will make you go ewwwss with my saliva kinda kiss’.

    RO – Ok, see you in 2038!

    Thanks for all the other wishes. I sipeh busy so sorry cannot one by one reply. Kamsiah, nandri, terima kasih.

  11. a lil late… but happy 20th anniversary!!

    candid photos are the funniest and the best ones 🙂

    and about madagascar… i was so excited to see it cos i liked the penguins…. so i kept saying i wanted to go see penguins… my brother told me to just go look in the mirror! -_-