..and I decide it is pointless to make stupid clever

….so I am not going to continue my previous post.

I had been so busy, I lost the plot anyway.

…on a sidenote, I am so happy I have mailed my test paper and am now waiting anxiously for the lecturer to mail me my results. Let it be another 25/30 please….It is just ego booster, nothing more than that. Self-affirmation kind of thing.

tomorrow will be the last lesson and we are having lunch with Fr. Huan and the seminarians. But that’s not the end of class because I have to go to College General at night for another exam on Carl Jung psychology. Overall, the last one and half months lesson on Psychospirituality has been most enlightening to me, the sometimes disbelieving, sometimes blind faith Catholic.

Having gone deeper in this study on human behaviour, I hope I am more tolerant of stupid. You know…stupid who thinks bloggers are not humans. They think bloggers can be program to be all pro-BN. Stupid does not know that we humans are all evil and kind at the same time. So, how the hell do they expect that thing call bloggers to always agree with them? And just because we voice out, it doesn’t mean we are being racists or fanning fires. Don’t they realise that each of us who have a blog, blog with our own free will? Do they think all bloggers can be hired and given topik karangan to write?

We may be bloggers. Yet, we are all not connected. We are each an individual and it is stupid to think that they can herd all into one tiny circle who agrees with them all the time.

Stupid does not realise that if they have the power to charge, charge. Don’t always talk cock. Because when you talk cock too much, no one has anymore respect for you.

However looking at the news appearing on Malaysiakini, I think we are heading for messy future. Stupid blamed bloggers for fanning the fires. But have they asked themselves if there is deeper trouble, cause by bad governance? There seems to be too many heads. The sleepy one woke up much later when the one who has authority and the royalties have spoken, at different ends. And if that is not messy enough, the ex-one also chip in with his two cents. Makes me wonder if they have lost the plot?

Gee, I also lost my plot. What was my topic again?

5 thoughts on “..and I decide it is pointless to make stupid clever

  1. Wuah!!! The snow flakes are sometimes falling from the left then from the right!!! Cool!!!

  2. Tan Silly – Wuah, your comments all go into spam with your friends wor. Hahaha.

    The snowflakes go according to the direction of the wind mah. Your fan blowing which way mah go which way lor.

  3. I can never tolerate stupidity from Bunch of Nuts! For heaven’s sake these people had ruled us for 51 years, and now they come with idea of stupidity? Imagine being ruled by stupid people that we did NOT vote for. I can’t stand that. Grrrrr….

    Sorry Lilian, your comments space become my place for rants… 😀

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