Hey, bloggers, someone is watching us!

Obviously, a lot of people including the government are clueless about blogs and bloggers. They cannot differentiate them. Blogs to me is the medium of message from bloggers. And bloggers are not humans, but just a facade put on by certain individuals. However, the clueless ones think bloggers as one menacing force that can topple a government or change the world.

I think they should educate themselves more before talking utter rubbish. Surf more blogs, read up more. Start with Clickbooth Blog and see what they can offer you. They give you some basic ideas on making money, fighting spam and just about anything you need to know to be a blogger and also to make money.

Meanwhile, here is the news I picked up:

KUALA LUMPUR: The Home Ministry is monitoring blogs to check if bloggers are posting comments that confuse the people on controversial issues.

At the moment, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung said the ministry was merely advising bloggers against the misuse of blogs.

“So far, we are only telling them not to use their blogs as a mechanism to confuse people or as a weapon against those they don’t like.”

“The ministry is always monitoring developments in the blogosphere,” Chor said

(Source : The Star )

The most demoralising thing is when people are clueless on this simple to operate medium of publishing call blogs. Anyone can be a blogger. Anyone can own a blog. And anyone can use it for the wrong purposes. When one section of people who used blogs for the wrong purposes, they cannot penalise the whole blogosphere because it is so vast.

I am just dead tired of listening to the threats from the authorities, giving blanket warning to all the citizens. It just show how misinformed they are. So, let’s do everyone a favour and read more and understand what is a blogger before hurling threats that bloggers are threats to national security. It is just so silly, isn’t it?

17 thoughts on “Hey, bloggers, someone is watching us!

  1. Great news! First stop should be Rocky’ Bru which is very misleading and has created great confusion. Over 350 comments of racist statements there.

  2. “i always feel like sumbody watching me” ..
    dis darn song keep spinning on my tiny brain la, sei foh

    dis 2 point manyak subjective neh
    1. confuse ppl
    2. controversial

    “ahlee makan bak kut teh 4 lunch”

    nah, dun get confuse ahlee with ali….n tot it 2b controversial ah


  3. Confusing people?
    Which is more confusing? Complaining about TM Nuts Streamyx’s 3rd. class service, Selling ‘Narrowband’ but claiming as Broadband?
    Is complaining about increasing crime rate and lack of enforcement confusing the public?
    One says “SAVE,SAVE,”SAVE and the other says “SPEND’,”SPEND'”SPEND, was that confusing enough?
    Please lah go ‘Chor’ yourself.
    I go play Chess ok?

    Birds Talking

    Birds Talking Too´s last blog post..Which is more of a concern?

  4. oh well, by doing this the government is creating more job opportunity….. for those who just join the unemployed,…good chance to find a new job, go find the minister! yeyyy

    Jasmine´s last blog post..????

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