The Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving but I think it is also good to give thanks once in a while. So, here goes my long list of giving thanks (blog related, of course) :

1) Thanks to my spammers for without you, I wouldn’t know if my blog is hawt or not. Spammers, though annoying, know their stuffs well and they only spam blogs and blog posts that benefit them.

2) Thanks to my trolls or those anonymous folks who think just because I do not know who they are, they got the right to utter rubbish. For without you, I wouldn’t know that I manage to live up to my blog’s persona of Obnoxious.

3) Thanks to my regular readers who choose to come by my blog instead of subscribing and read it through their mails or RSS. They come by to see who else have commented. I love the kind of communication you guys have with each other on my blog. So cosy and chummy.

4) Thanks to my silent readers who read and never comment but they never fail to leave me a note or mail when I need it.

5) Thanks to my RSS subscribers. I wish the number will increase though.

6) Thanks to all the blog buddies who keeps me company in blogging.

7) Thanks to my webmaster for watching my server like a hawk. (eh, jaga hor, I won’t be around)

8 ) Thanks to you and you and you and you……

So, whom do you want to give thanks? Thank me for the blog posts that sometimes make your day a bit brighter lah!